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Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Notepad Tricks

Quoting my previous post on forwarded messages in orkut ,I received some good ones today.Atleast they were new.This was particularly good.
"The flight which collided WTC was Q33N....In notepad type Q33N ,change font size to 72 and font to Wingdings"....I tried this one out and I was really amazed by what I saw....

Q33N= ==========

Was this supposed to be real?As usual googled to find out the truth.Alas even this one which appeared to be true was a very cleverly crafted hoax.Leave aside the WTC crash ,in reality there never existed a Q33N plane at all.Anyway this ones good...
This invoked my interest in simple notepad tricks...Google is God...and I found this one to be the simplest ,non tech stuff...
--open notepad
--Type "Hope all end today"..without quotes...without pressing enter after the last word save the file
--Close notepad
--Open the file again
--See what happens

Maybe an old trick for many..but I found it really interesting...seems there are many such tricks like that...

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

How India Missed A Batting Legend

'arvind,arvind,arvind'....this is how i dreamt of people screaming my name when i batted....not that i loved cricket very much,,but just because i wanted to be famous with huge crowds waiting to get a little glimpse of me...if u have had a similar dream feel proud to be one among the club of extremely optimistic dreamers...
It was in my 6th i decided to get professionally coached in cricket like millions of young indian children.Imagination has always been my biggest asset and i imagined my days when I would share rooms with sachin and kumble.I joined a cricket coaching club which can be analogized with the 'maths tution taken here' run by some middle aged maami in a neighbourhood flat.It had a coach who could bat well with his pads on..seeing pads for the first time ,I saw my mentor in him...My experiences there were fun filled.Me being the youngest yet the well built of the lot ,,was treated like a puppy...Getting into teams easily whenever someone was absent or injured ,getting a nice gauge(no of balls played) pleading everyone for a chance..afterall i was a pet to things happened very easily to me..I should say i used to bat really well..hitting whatever i could to boundaries..swinging my bat from east to west invariably hitting every delivery towards the square leg.
My coaching honeymoon had to end one day very abruptly.There was supposed to be a selection match to select the few who were to represent the coaching centre in zonals.The coach invited a local college team to play with us.As always i was expecting a good batting chance with a false reputation as a hitter.But not always things go your way...The team which was supposed to come withdrew due to other commitments and our coach did something which seemed to be very funny to me..he immediately invited the local women's college team for the match.Know what i never expected this to happen.Playing with 11 girls was the last thing i had ever imagined in my life...and at that age i never thought girls played cricket.With mixtures of shyness,anger,fear etc etc i walked out of the stadium...and der ended the making of a legend..
Only later i understood the constructive part played by many women in my life...and also learnt that 2 of those girls with whom i refused to play with are now playing for the national team...

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

My Seminar-A total damage

Seminars have been scaring me for a past few months..not that I am scared of public speaking and all,,but am scared of speaking in front of my class.Ive always been one among the timepass category..i.e whenever someone feels bored the class gathers around me ,pull words out of my mouth and have fun.So whenever some lecturer gives me a seminar topic I either say no or just postpone it somehow.But this time I could not escape.One of my favorite teachers had given me a seminar topic on satellites.I had no other escape route.I had to deal with it.Even then I managed to postpone it by a week or so.But today I had address the class with no way to escape.
The moment I climbed on to the dias,the usual sounds started...almost everyone was shouting 'fish' ,which was a so called secret word to tease me.I am very much used to it,so without any distraction I started my topic.Usually I look at the ceiling or some quiet person in the class ,but now I had made a good deal of preparation and so decided to make it a bit interactive.Whatever may come I decided to face the students eye to eye.That I feel now was a big mistake.Whoever I saw either a by or a girl had very big smiles on their faces.Many actually were rolling on their benches with laughter.I had to reassure myself if i hadnt zipped my pants or if some paper tail was hanging from my back.Everything was in place and i din get a clue what was so funny.
Many even started making faces and pretending as if they were throwing paper balls at me.Smiles are contagious and I couldnt resist it .Even I started smiling and then was the ultimate.One of my friends Durgaprasad who is never known to listen any of the classes with a very serious face said "Machi face me and teach da...they all are bad and will make you laugh..ill listen dont worry"...the entire row started laughing and I couldnt control myself.I spontaneously started laughing and all that came out of my mouth was "round trip time","round trip time","round trip time"...kept repeating it 4-5 times laughing heartily in between.....i could feel myself blushing...After that i had no oder go than to rush through the topics i had to ,just giving a jist of the content to avoid further humiliation and annoying the mam.Atleast I had managed to keep the class active in the dullest period of the day.Luv you all my friends...

Sunday, March 2, 2008


Daksh-'come,learn,get dakshified' ,read their caption.....sounded too confident .With the firm belief that too much of build up would result in big flops and having experienced this in many colleges ,I decided to go to this particular techfest.With our paper selected and frnds accompanying us for various events the trip was awesome.When we reached Tanjore on the 26th morning ,I actually expected some volunteer to guide us...I was happy noone was guess about buildups would never go wrong i supposed.The fact that we were the only passengers in the bus that carried us to SAASTRA added to my assumptions.The next 2 days was the time for me to understand that my predictions never always were right.
It was around 6 in the morning when we entered the campus,and we immediately spotted the Hospi Desk .The first impression lasts forever.I should say I was absolutely impressed by the girls in the desk-professionally dressed with elegance,charming and more importantly with a cheerful spirit that attracted me the most.The registration procedure went hassle free with me staring at the girls throughout.We were guided to our room where we were supposed to stay for the next 2 days.I was pretty sure that we would be a given an old ,abandoned room with dust and spiders.This was shattered the moment we entered the huge,gigantic hostel.The room number 97 which was allocated to us was absolutely terrific.
Huge enough to accomodate atleast 15 members of the maximum size,thats mine...very clean bathroom and toilets ,24hrs of water supply ,lots of power sockets ,4 fans ,great ventilation ,blankets,beds and pillows etc etc..more impressive was the strategic placement of the PR desk from where all announcements were made.It was erected in the centre of the college campus with loudspeakers weaving through the entire campus.Wherever you are u get to hear the important announcements.That sounds simple ,but it was vital coz we need not have to run allover to get to know the venues,results etc.
The amount of fun we had that day venturing around the campus ,playing cards,shouting around ,etc etc would require numerous posts to elucidate.After a day of rest and fun we got dressed up for our presentation.The event venue was an absolute spectacle.I had presented papers in much bigger and crowded venues but the ambience here was so nice.I must mention about the event coordinator of Crank(our event) here..ever smiling,ever enthusiatic,very responsible etc etc...helped us a lot to install our softwares ,adjust our timings etc...forgot his name though...guys like this i feel can single handedly hold up the image of your techfest.Even if the hospitality had been bad,I would have given full marks to Daksh for the sake of this guy.I felt as if we were friends for many days.
There was activity everywhere at Daksh.Donno how ppl at SAASTRA managed to organise this much of events and handle them without confusion.We won in many events and the certificates and cheque were given very promptly ,once again by the good looking girls at the PR desk.I was happy to win but more happy to had been a part of Daksh.I felt other colleges should actually learn a lesson or two from Daksh,.At the end I should say 'I was Dakshified'....