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Sunday, December 28, 2008

The solution is here

Ever since I entered the teenage ,the problem of acne had always been a bugging thing for me.I never had problems like being smitten by love or being dumped by friends but this acne thing had been one irritating factor that i hate to the core.The problem with acne is that proper Acne Medication never seems to be a reality.All the existing Acne Medications as far as I have tried are either expensive or over rated and never do they deserve so much investment.
Some days back I found this site that claimed to have the Best Acne Medication that could ever be offered.I was thrilled but was skeptical too.Why not give it a try?The online shopping system was really impressive with features like the money back offer and the free rapid results bonus pack.They have a really trusted shopping system.
I received my pack and eagerly tried out.It was really miraculous.Acne had suddenly disappeared.Only after that I glanced through the extremely scientific Cleanse ,treat and hydrate 3 step system that deals not only with acne but also with all conditions associated with acne.The most important thing is the absence of harmful chemicals like Benzoyl Peroxide.I was amazed and impressed with the results.I advice all to try it once.You will never regret it.


"Serenity, self-restraint, austerity, purity, forgiveness and also uprightness, knowledge, realisation and belief in God are the duties of the Brahmans, born of their own nature." (Gita Ch 18 V 42)

Addressing a Gandharv (Kabandh), Shri Ram said: "Listen, O Gandharva, to what I tell you - I cannot tolerate an enemy of the Brahmans. He who without guile in thought, word and deed does service to the Brahmans (the very gods on earth), wins over Brahma, Shiv, Myself and all other divinities."

Brahmans have always been the most respected in our society. They are regarded to have carried forth the flame of knowledge and righteousness. They consider themselves to have prevented the society from degrading.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Cards for the near and dear

Its been quite a while since I joined a job.It is time to sit back and relish all the friends and weel wishers I had gained during the 21 years of social existence.I wanted to make a memorable gift to all those I really adore.It had to be impressive and at the same time within the reach of my pocket.What is more perfect than a cute gift card to suit this?That was when I found Gift card Mall which impressed me so much.Here ends my lifelong search for one perfect place where I can find the perfect gifts.
A quick glance through the site made me realize that I am not alone.Gift cards are the most sought after gifts which has been proved by famous surveys and sales.Whats more amzing is the fact that the global melt down means that the buyers are going to be benefitted by fabulous deals and now is the perfect time to get a gift card.
The site makes this task as simple as tossing a coin.Just go to the site you will realise that I am true.Just browse by the numerous categories for example 'gifts for her'.Make a good choice ,decide on the amount and click to purchase.As simple as that.We also have the option to design our own cards.
Even corporates can register for really good deals .The site is extremely safe and reliable with a number of satisfied customers and the list includes me now.Pay a visit and you will never regret it.

Friday, November 28, 2008

A How to/How not to guide to land in a core job

Well Im not the CEO of Naukri to give an expert opinion on jobs,but am sure I can provide some real life accounts.Of course it is my blog and my choice of topics...:).Campus jobs have become so common that almost everyone lands in a job.We may opt to pursue it and excel in it,but there are some who want to stretch further looking for core jobs that would satisfy them.It may rather be a satisfaction in terms of salary or satisfaction interests and both in some lucky cases.Here are few tips,cant term these as tips,maybe some steps that I took to land up in a core job.
1)Google is your best friend
Keep searching for job titles that you dream.It may be a random search for example say,'Research Engineer' or a 'Embedded Engineer' etc etc.You get a lucky result allways.No wonder Google people spend days and nights to better their algorithm.Believe in technology and things it offers to you.Even in case you arent lucky enough,you atleast get to know what really is happening outside your college.

2)Keep your eyes open
The Fortune magazine lists the Fortune 500 list of companies every year with classifications for each field and this means you get a list of 500 companies to apply to.Sounds ambitious.Yes it is.Freshersworld , Naukri etc have huge lists of companies and clients displayed in their sites and each list is a place where you can fish out your choice.It is not just the net,company names pop out everywhere.People say when in you are in love,the world looks beautiful and likewise when you are hunting for a job every thing must be seen as an oppurtunity.Buses,cars,watches,mobiles,PCs,speakers,advertisements,etc etc that we come across are immense sources of companies to which we can apply.All bear a brand name ,dont they?Believe me,once I searched for '3M' ,the brand that was printed on my cellophane tape rail and found it to be a huge multi billion dollor organisation.When I say 'open your eyes' ,it applies to the ears too.The chances of hearing a company name are so frequent.Invariably every company site has a career section and what fascinates people like me is that it is absolutely free. :0

3)Market yourself:
The ultimate weapon in the search of an off campus job is your resume.This single paper can take you places.Professors,one good lunch and the ambience of the college can speak for you in on campusses.But outside only the resumes count.Make them as impressive as possible.It never bores to be proud and be proud when framing your resume.

4)Understand the reality:
You follow step 2 and apply to Texas Instruments.Never check your mail box the next day for a mail from TI that says"Dear xxx ,we are pleased with your resume.Start asap with your baggage to TI and your salary is 10lakhs per annum".That never happens.It can never.We are not Eiensteins and we are not from IITs for all this to happen.Keep trying.Gmail is now unlimited.So never bother.

5)Call your old friend:
Its people all around you.Atleast some are your friends and atleast a few of those are in the area of your interest.Be in touch with them coz in core many jobs are fetched by references.It may be your senior,neighbour,lover etc etc.

6)Be ready for the other side:
An off campus job search may lead you to a dream core job ,but it may not allways fill your packets as you would expect it to.You must be ready for compromises.Also be ready for a life as a solo lion.In campus jobs ,you get the luxury of a college life Part 2,with friends and girl friends.It is not so in core.In most cases you get to join alone.The worst part is ,it is all people in 30s and 40s around you in job.No more crushes and blushes.All see a fresher as a baby.

Now justifying the title- I did all this and landed up in core so it is a How To Guide in my case.Try it and if you dont,read it again as a How Not To.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Looking around me

All my 12+4 years of education are over now and here I stand with a job in Siemens ,which  I am finding to be very interesting and challenging.There is a lot more for me to learn and master so that I find myself in a real good position 5 years down the line both in terms of knowledge and salary.
All these years I have come across numerous people of my age group.Have developed very good friendships with many and bitter rivalry with very few.I am among the fortunate lot of people to whom everyone around seem to be sweet and caring.Thanks to all my friends for this.
Talking of friends ,it is really amazing to think of the never ending list of people and their careers.
Oppurtunities and careers seem to be plenty these days.Talking of the lsit of companies that my friends are working,even the verticals and fields seem to be numerous.
I will start from the core engineering field in which I am employed now.My friends are in Robert Bosch,Visteon,Intruit,Sonycore,Norton,TI,HP,TVS,Ford,Nokia,Airtel,Microsoft,Siemens,Intel,
Philips,Perspecte,,Wipro,GE Plastics
HCL,ISRO,BEL,IOCL,Juno etc.You might have very easily noticed the different core sectors ranging from automobile,embedded systems,core programming,information security,semiconductors,consumer electronics,RFID etc this list covers.
                Next is my favorite of medicine.I am really proud to  have doctors,physio therapists ,nutricians,dieticians  in my friends list.I am assured of free treatment and health tips in the future.
                IT companies are simply the largest recruiters at this age and obviously this list is a long one,though most of them are yet to join,waiting for their call letters.Tech H Mahindra,TCS,Cognizant,Satyam,Infosys,Patni,EDS,Emphasis,Wipro,Keane,Hexaware,HCL,
Mindtree etc.The job profiles also vary from front office to management to HR to programming to testing etc etc.
                    BPO jobs are fetched like hot cakes and there are many in those companies too.Like in Allsec,Sutherland,HCL BPO,Wipro BPO and many other companies which seem to make hay while the sun is shining.
There are many interesting jobs profiles in Beroe inc,Royal Sundaram,RBS,Merill Lynch etc.
                        There are many in US,Germany,Singapore,Australia pursuing their higher studies in subjects ranging from MIS to Game programming.The coming year is bound to see some more of my friends on their flight abroad.A few are flying planes for the military and commercially as well.
The future seems to be bright ,full of hopes and luck.Must keep in touch with all forever.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Cisco - for a great career

The world today is full of competition and to survive and flourish in this fierce competition one needs to have that extra edge over others.The survival tactics involves the acquisition of supreme skills in the technology domain that one is involved in.As a communications engineering fresher,for me to get into the top tier companies required a lot of hard work and also the survival there was to tough.Later I learnt from my friends about the Cisco Certification programs that the very famous and established giant Cisco provides to professionals and students.These career certifications increase one's profile value making them more skillful and employable and these people are great assets to any organisation and obviously are in great demand.
The demands of the industry are varied and so are certifications,that range from three different levels-associate ,professional and expert.There are also a wide range of career paths like Routing and Switching, Network Security, and Service Provider etc that can be selected according to one's industry requirements.This focussed in the core areas of the industry is very essential in developing one's skill sets in the view of long term growth and development.Both general and specialist certifications are provided for the taking.The demand for these can be understood from the fact that recently the 1 millionth certificate was issued by Cisco.
My friend was the best example for how a Cisco crtification could change one's life.He was one ordinary professional and the moment he was cisco certified ,his life was on a high.He was flooded with offers and hikes and now he is leading a huge team of professionals with a high success rate and a heavy pay package.I am now pursuing my course for a Cisco certification.

Sponsored by Cisco

Friday, July 18, 2008

TV Shows

A reality show “Kabhi Yaar, Kabhi Pyaar” is being aired during prime time on Sony TV which covertly promotes adultery. It is a dance show wherein 7 on-screen (who act as spouses in serials) and off-screen (who are spouses in real life) couples have to prove their passion compatibility to win the grand prize. The dance movements are erotic to the core.

It may be a great idea to ensure maximum TRPs but what happens if one of the on-screen couple gets carried by emotion and commits adultery in real life? Adultery may be projected as comedy or heroism in our ethic bankrupt films but in real life it is not so. Adultery is an act no sensible human being can be proud of. People who commit adultery in the spur of a moment may repent it till they die. Families get broken and kids shattered because of adultery. Should a public medium like prime time television be used to promote adultery? Is the dose of mega serials promoting adultery not sufficient that a reality show should be based on such an immoral theme? As they say, despite all rumblings, the show will go on. Feel the good old eighties of a single DD Channel was ideal.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Wargames-entertaining generations

If you want me to name one movie that I would take with me to a lonely island,I would,without any hesitation come out with the reply -"Wargames".This is one movie that has captured the imaginations of generations alike.My father liked it,I adored it and my brother loves it so much.The role of Matthew Broderick,an enthusiastic teenager who loves to play games and with his passion and technical brilliance gets to play a game that makes him to potentially control the military is one character that every kid wants to relate his life to.
The power he has,the brilliance he possesses,the entire army at his disposal ,etc made him the hero among like me.WarGames the epic is celebrating its 25th Anniversary event with the movie being played in select theatres all over the country on Thursday, July 24th.Also there are never to be missed interviews with the cast and crew of the film and an exclusive chance to get a sneak peek of the sequel to the movie which has been named - The Dead Code.


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Never get distracted is what we hear from everyone when we enter the college or a job.Dont know why people suppose that there are Mallika Sherawat's everywhere around us trying to distract us from our otherwise very concentrated mindset.I have always got the feeling that the most beautiful girls are always seniors,juniors,from other college,from other tuitions or other gyms or other offices.None around us anywhere.I dont know if its my assumption or is it the same way the whole world feels.I am not surprised even if girls feel the same way about boys.
I have a feeling that distractions are needed for the spice in life.Any work in my life,without some sort of a distraction or a divertion has never been a tremendous success.Only those jobs where I am distracted atleast to some extent prove to be great ones.May be it is the wandering mind that comes up with the best of the ideas.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

An unbelievable offer

As a blogger one prime requirement or a desire would be to have a high speed internet connection ,that is actually affordable.It has never been a reality so far.An internet connection is either slow or costly.Speed and affordability never went hand in hand. Charter internet is now here to make this a reality.It promises a 5 Mbps connection with a really exciting price tag that is as low as $14.99 per month.
This implies that we browse almost 90 times faster than in a dial up and 3 times faster than in an ordinary ADSL connection at a very cheap rate.This is coupled with offers like automatic virus protection,10 email accounts,20 Mb of webspace,everything for free.An offer only a fool would neglect.

Sponsored by Charter

Sentimental?Am I?

Considering the sort of a person I am,its really surprising to actually know how sentimental and superstitious I am in life.I have never really considered my selves as one ,until I made a careful assessment of my habits.
I cannot live without doing certain things in daily,or else I feel really restless.One is knocking or atleast touching the door of every room I come out.All do it while entering and I do it while coming out.If I miss any,I go back,touch the door and them return to what I was doing.One other habit is counting my fingers every night before sleeping.Just a simple touch of all other fingers with my thumb and only then I try to sleep.
A few of these sentiments caught up during my college life.Everyday when I cycle to the bus stand,I feel low in spirits if I dont come across certain people(I wont tell you who they are) and one particular auto with a name (that I wont reveal) written on it.If I happen to see them ,the rest of my day remains cheerful.One habit which my friends say that I had planned on purpose is getting a person's notes xeroxed.Any subject ,if I get a feeling that it would be too tough for me to handle,I get a girl's notes photocopied and everytime I start my preparation I start with those notes.Honestly it wasnt planned but rather worked out very well every semester.I dont claim that I passed only because of those notes,but it was a sort of a morale booster.
I wonder what would join in this list when I start going to a job.

Debt Consolidation

I am known to be a very careful and pro active person and I like finishing all my works atleast a couple of days earlier and cherish those moments of my success.But there is one thing that I hold up to the very last moment.Its the process of paying all my bills,that is my debt consolidation bills .I allocated one special day with a Bill Day tag to actually pay all my bills .There is not any particular reason for my laziness in this regard,but I like to wait till the last moment to see if any miracle occurs to cancel out the debt on mine.This turned out to be a great problem recently for a friend of mine who follows the same procedure as I do.When he was busy deciding on how to pay back the bills on the Bill day he had completely forgotten the debts in his credit card.They had grown out of proportion and when the day arrived and he was hapy over the fact that he had paid back all his other bills,this representative from the bank was there threatening my friend with a legal notice.My friend never had a plan in place to cover these emergencies and was left with humiliation before others.Debt consolidation is a very important process these days with people actually lending from many sources.Debt relief and Debt help are now being provided by Bills IQ for all those trouble souls in need of guidance.There is a quiz which is aimed at creating awareness and is actually very good.
The site offers numerous other features like credit card debt consolidation etc.

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Mobile dangers

Numerous reports seem to be out everyday on this topic.The most convincing one dealing with every issue that may be concerned with a mobile related health issue was out and I got a chance to go through it.
It says that though prolonged use may aggravate the risk of cancer,the mobile radiation is not strong enough to cause cancer.Long term use may also result in brain tumours and chances are more fro ear tumours.What is more alarming is the effect on the brain's protective barrier that may cause Parkinson's in the future.An of course there is a very obvious thing which is deafness and that we experience in many cases practically.Sleeplessness seems to be another thing that may be caused and i have experienced it my self and also in the case of mu friends.
I was taken aback that these radiations could cause sterility too,lowering the sperm count,quality and motility.Children may have stress related hyperactivity,learning and concentration problems.Too much trouble than one can handle.But who cares?

Friday, July 11, 2008


It has been quite some time since I started using computers and for the past 3-4 years ,both my computer and my eyes have been under maximum strain.Due to a minor discomfort I had to consult an eye specialist and he suggested me a sunshade glass for my eyes.
I love buying things online and decided to try buying a glass too and the ultimate destination was Zenni Optical.I was really impressed to learn from the site that Zenni Optical was on FOX news! .Its an amazing feat but quite achievable for this one of a kind organisation that provides great quality products at very affordable prices.There is a very wide variety that is available.I was really glued on to these Incredible Stylish New Frames From Zenni and was tempted to but every one of those.
I have ordered Zenni Optical $ 8 Rx Eyeglasses and also a cool sunshade frame too.

College rating part 4

TNEA Season has begun and I am posting my college rating based on the infrastructure and other facilities.These views are from the eye of a student who visited these colleges in person.Most of them based in Chennai ,Kanchi puram and Tiruvallur.
The listing for affiliated colleges
1)St Josephs Group-The landscaping,auditoriums and central library are great
2)Crescent --------The auditorium
3)Velammal and Sairam-Every lab or class is nearby that u need not waste time moving around
4)Easwari and Meenakshi-Their location in the centres of the city

There are also other colleges like Rajalakshmi,Veltech which have huge campusses.

Moving on to the deemed university section,SRM and VIT come first.Both are monstrous.Then comes SHASTRA Deemed.

Links to part 1,part 2,part 3.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Hear from the experts

The world around me seems to have entered the earning stage.All my friends ,almost all are into their jobs,or waiting for the letters from their companies.It has become a daily issue that I get calls regarding credit cards.Its either from my friends with their doubts or from the credit card companies that are on the look out for potential customers.I was desperately in need of an expert who could guide me in this regard and my search led me to
The world of credit cards has several issues to deal with like choosing the best card,the best scheme,the bank,the interest rates involved,the payback schemes that best suit us and numerous other issues that need and expert like this site to help.
Things are made very simple here.It is a simple three step process in to the world of credit cards.Just chose the type of credit card you are looking for from the list that consists of options like the bank that issues the card,the interest rate etc.Then comes the step of comparing the numerous choices that are offered for our selection.As simple as that and then apply online to the best choice.This is a must visit site for all.It hosts a very informative blog with interesting articles too.


Each day I turn the pages of either The Hindu,the Indian Express,The DC or The TOI or even the Dinamalar and Dinakaran,there is something about Orkut and other networking sites.Invariably there is nothing good that is being put up.
It seems to be a fashion id ridiculing or criticising these sites in the media.The whole world of the 40s and 50s seem to have the only opinion that these sites are evil and have nothing except porn,fake profiles and everything anti social.Those are of course present,but to me they are very insignificant considering the good things that are possible.

A Friend in need

A friend of mine made a very desperate call to me last month.It was almost the month end and he had joined in his new job.When most of us were enjoying our holidays after graduation ,this poor guy had no other choice other than to work soon to support his family.But now he was in dire need of money and there was little I could do with my savings.
It was when my uncle made a brilliant suggestion.He referred us to quick glance through the site and I could tell that mt friend's urgent need for cash would be solved soon.
This site is one place that helps is meet the last minute expenses,surprise costs, unexpected bills, unforseen costs,unexpected arrival of guests,sudden health hazard etc that may drain the purse and demand more when we are actually expecting our salary to make the ends meet.This site is a provider of short-term loans that help us manage our finances between the pay days.One just needs to be a currently employed,aged above 18 ,US citizen with a bank account to avail this service of quick cash loan which is widely known as payday loan or a cash advance.Just sign in the simple form and let the experts take over the rest.

Monday, June 30, 2008

Eye care

People always choose the frames that they find nice-looking. There are no certain rules to follow. Generally there are two types of colors – orange-based warm colors and blue-based cool colors. Most of people like choosing the frames that match their skin tones to show their personalities.

(1) How to select the frame that matches your skins tone?
Generally speaking, whether to choose a light or dark frame depends on what your skin tone is. Choosing a frame color that is consistent with your skin tone is always safe. For example, pink, gold and silver are suitable for pale skins, and darker skins should choose the red or black ones. Shell can go with both.

(2) How to select the frame that matches your age?Cool colors are not suitable for elderly people. For those people purple and red are recommended for plastic or plank material frames and gold, silver and titanium white are recommended for the metal ones. Young people always go after the trends, so there are no limitations on the color choices. They can choose any color they want and it won’t look over the top on them. Lastly, the light frames are suitable for kids because the dark frames will look too mature on them.

Cookies for mummies

Think of this.Suppose we want to earn some money, we men can venture out to find a suitable job for us.We can work anywhere doing any sort of work ,however hard the labour involved is.But think of mothers who have given birth to children.It may even be a few years since their child was born but still they will be weak and cannot afford to venture out without taking care of their babies.Babies are one great treasures in life and whenever I get to see a baby,I become extremely happy.I love babies.So think of mothers.Will they have the will to be away from their own babies?A very tough task.So what if they want to earn some money for their living?
What if they find sitting in home to be hurting their esteem.What if they wish to earn some money to show others that they can be independent?What if they feel that their freedom to spend is lost because they are not earning now?That would be really hurting sentiments for a modern lady of today's world.Today women are equally or actually more talented than men in every aspect and a brief period of mother hood should not dampen their spirits and their capacity to earn and make money.
Socialspark is here with a solution for mommy bloggers.SocialSpark provides blog and earn oppurtunities so that they can earn with what they love and what they do best-blogging.They can join the mailing list and create an account and once their blog is approved they can earn with their blogs while they take care of children in their homes.

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Happy days

One thing I would never ever do is to watch any movie for the second time.Thats what I thought or assumed myself to be until I saw 'happy days'.What a movie-I was actually amazed by it and guess the number of times I have seen it till an hour ago?2?3?
Imagine how impressed I am that I have seen it 12 times in 3 months.Apparently it was Tamanna who has attracted me so much and made me watch it 12 times.Dont know why ,but I cannot help saying that she looks extremely pretty.In fact my jaws drop every time she comes in the frame with a smile.She has these very cute expressions and I have become one big fan of those.Especially in song sequences,she looks awesome.This girl has got everything to make it to the top and if she doesnt it means we are unlucky.I cannot stop but admire this girls beauty.Easily she is the most gorgeous of girls I have ever seen.

Click here for more albums.Also here.

Another pretty girl was the one who played the role of Shravs.She is not that fair as Tamanna but has strikingly good features.When I said this to my friend,he says that my hormones are working over time.Is it a crime to admire beauty??Am I the only one who does this?

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Magic Magic

Point out a single person on earth who doesnt love to see magic and I would term even that as a magical existence.Nothing has fascinated me like magic and Tamanna.Always exciting to watch and refreshing to think about are these.Magic has come a long way from its initial mysterious past to the new ,exciting and entertaining present.Gone are those days when magicians used to be treated like witches and people given a chance were ready to pounce upon and vent their fears and anger on the poor magician.Those days when a magician like Harry Houdini performed legendary feats risking their lives,there was always this element of fear if he was a witch.But now the magicians or better known as illusionists get their fair share of respect,admiration and praise.Their feats are seen as an expression of their talent rather than some witch craft or black magic.
One such modern magician is Criss Angel who is also a singer ,stunt performer with worldwide fans base.His Youtube video of walking over water gets a very large number of hits each day.His famous feats are walking over water,levitating over the Luxor Hotel,floating between buildings and making a Lamborghini to diasspear and so on.His next big thing is scheduled to be CRISS ANGEL Believe where Chris Angel performs the Cirque du Soleil which claims to defy the logics of illusion and magic.This performance will not be the usual stand alone magics but an array of interdependent components using supreme imagination woven into a colorful story.One show which promises to be an ultimate entertainer.Am waiting for this.I wouldnt regret the oppurtunity of winning tickets to this show by entering in to the CRISS ANGEL Believe Contest where I am supposed to Text 'Believe' to 22122 to win 2 tickets to 'CRISS ANGEL Believe'.Hope I win and so do you.

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Random thoughts

Yet another idle day and this means the world is missing out the contribution of a genius.This is my blog and a place where I can safely claim to be a genius.Talking about a genius I never get to admit that I have seen one.According to me I am the most intelligent in the world.Its the same in every one's case ,I think so.If not ,then I get a step closer to being a genius because atleast I had the will to be one. People say where there is a will there is a way.Even where isnt a will, of course there is a way ,but where there is a will there are many ways.For a person like me ,there are many wills.My mind never stays fixed on to one particular thought.There is a random drift from one thought process to another and I am very happy that I get to achieve it.
I recommend you to actually try it.It brings an enchanted smile across your lips.There is one danger of losing focus on the most important work you are supposed to do.All this comes from years of practice.You need to spill your arrows all over and yet hit the target bull's eye.Rather than focussing on one particular target,for me I see multiple targets.This is the way I have dealt with the things in life.This brings up lots of adaptablity in your approach.I was destined to be a doctor ,but ended up being an enginner.Had I not been an engineer I would have been a historian.If not a historian I would have been a lecturer.I detest nothing and so my scopes are larger.Whatever I am in I am confident of creating impressions.Every journey has its benefits.If its shorter you get to reach the destination soon and if its longer you get to enjoy the ride and if its something in the mid way you get the benefits of both the longer and shorter journeys.

Monday, June 16, 2008

The sound of music

Two things that numerous people all over the world cannot live without are music and internet.Browsing through your favorite site with the latest music playing around you in the darks of the day is a soul stirring experience for many people like me.
There are many new albums and music sites that are released every day.Such is the craze for music and reception by the music lovers.One needs to have some way to actually get in touch with all the music and music sites all over the world.Sites and Sounds - a new blog is one place which caters these needs.
Sites and Sounds a brand new blog is a very cool idea with posts on latest music,albums and bands and also about the music websites that exist.The blog is updated very regularly and each post is on a new band.The posts contain information about the bands,the singers,their styles and also more excitingly samples from their albums.Clips of their songs ad links are included in each post.The view from a critic is the best way to understand the worth of an album or band and these blog posts are the ultimate way to understand the latest music and bands.
Discover New and Free music at Sites and Sounds with the world of music expanding its horizons to new and unexplored portals.

Get free music at Sites and Sounds excited me a lot.I could not stop listening the new songs from bands like Megaphone,Vision of Atlantis etc.But for this site,I could have missed a great music experience from these lesser known bands with an aspiration to top the charts.They have sung their songs with such passion that makes them so special to hear.

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Sunday, June 15, 2008

IS this true??

I read comment which goes like this "Hindu people r always accused of worshiping idols and also for having demi Gods! and I find almost all hindu Youth take a very defencive approach as they themselves were confused or somthing.This makes non Hindu feel more comfortable!! Why cant u follow each and every word of the Holy religious Texts!!!We do, however, employ sacred imagery in our worship, and as focus points to concentrate on during meditation. These sacred images can be in the form of a statue, a portrait, or a mandala or yantra. A similar use of sacred imagery is found in almost every other religion on earth. This practice is similar to how Catholics venerate statues of saints, Protestants pray at the cross and Muslims pray toward the Ka'aba. Followers of Sanatana Dharma are certainly intelligent to understand that the Unlimited ultimately cannot be fully expressed in a limited statue or image. Simultaneously, however, if God truly is omnipresent and omnipotent, then He certainly has the ability to make Himself present in a sacred image if He so chooses. Moreover, if God is truly merciful and good, then He would want to choose to make Himself as accessible to His devotees as possible. Such is the grace of God. It is with this understanding in mind that followers of Sanatana Dharma engage in the ancient science of archana-seva, or deity worship. The practice of employing sacred imagery is a very powerful tool for showing our devotion to God, for meditation, and for making spiritual progress. This fact is actually acknowledged and practiced by most of the world’s religions.
Also,Why there cant be more than one God!!! Anyone who believs in Hinduism have to accept that.There is a Supreme God definately...

Dr Paul - One great person

Dr. Paul Offit by many ways is a God to many people all over the world.Not just because of his years of medical experience,where he had saved numerous lives as a distinguished pediatrician and also as a specialist in the study of infectious diseases.

As an an internationally known and respected expert on fields like vaccines, immunology, and virology, the Maurice R. Hilleman Professor of Vaccinology he is well known and famous.The academic side is also evident as the Professor of Pediatrics at the University of Pennsylvania, Chief of the Division of Infectious Diseases, and the Director of the Vaccine Education Center at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.

His achievements are endless with him being the member of the Centers for Disease Control's (CDC) Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices. Papers speak volumes on a persons innovative capacity and Dr. Offit is by this regard very innovative with more than 120 paper publications in medical and scientific journals in the areas of rotavirus-specific immune responses and vaccine safety .He is also the co-inventor of a rotavirus vaccine recently recommended for universal use in infants by the CDC.
Am tired even to mention his accolades.He is the co-author of several bookslike Breaking the Antibiotic Habit (1999), Vaccines: What You Should Know (2003), The Cutter Incident: How America’s First Polio Vaccine Led to Today’s Growing Vaccine Crisis (2005), and Vaccinated: One Man's Quest to Defeat the World's Deadliest Diseases (2007).

Some men are born great.Some achieve it.Dr. Paul Offit

Thursday, June 12, 2008

One thing I wanted to be

In my four years of engineering education me as a student,as a leader ,as a team member have tasted numerous successes.The failures were few and nothing major in life.But one thing I regret to this day is my inablity to pursue my career as a doctor.The doctor profession or rather the doctor service has always fascinated me.I seldom admire people as a whole,rather I tend to admire certain qualities in all people.An exception are the doctors.Every doctor is a marvel,a wonder,a treasure and everything thats good in the world.As an engineer I have handled circuits,devices and equipments that are very expensive and every time I wonder how the doctors who handle the most valuable human lives on earth manage to maintain their composure and professional excellence in times of extreme stress and strain.Whenever I start soldering or when I hold equipments in my hand a voice in my mind rings ,"Arvind ,dont drop it"...and this adds to my tension.Imagine the situation of a doctor in a similar situation but with a greater and direct impact on someone's life.
Whenever I think of just two classes of people ,my mind is full of respect,I wish I should stand up.The first are my teachers in school and other -the doctors.Ive always loved people who are responsible,bold,intelligent and in a position with lots of power and needs to make crucial decisions.I have the urge to be one.A doctor is one person with all these built in.A perfect blend of every quality I love.
In my eyes all doctors appear like Gods and Angels.Whenever I visit a doctor ,I am left speechless.My mind goes blank for brief instants whenever I meet someone I love,respect,admire a lot and it does everytime I see a doctor.

Medicine is the only profession that labours incessantly to destroy the reason for its own existence. ~James Bryce, 1914.

Isnt this a really great thing.Every doctor strives to cure and eliminate diseases but for whose existence the profession itself would perish.I wish I could have been a doctor.I missed out this career due to minor lapses in my entrance exams.The lapses are minor ,but major considering what I have lost.Anyway I have my friends pursuing M.B.B.S...Eagerly waiting to see them graduate.Atleast then I can very proudly say that my friend is a doctor.

BLEACH - the movie

Well its holiday time and people like me sitting idle in homes with nothing other than blogging to do ,reason being the hot climate.I decided to try out a few new movies this season.I am a big fan of action movies and naturally I was attracted to the Japanese Manga films genre.These films with fantasy characters and plots are a visual treat.This year a new manga film is hitting the theatres.It is BLEACH which hits the screens on June 11th and 12th. It promises to be an entertainer with character names like Ichigo Kurosaki which means “First Guardian” or “He who protects.” I was tempted to find my own manga name..after serious searching I came up with "hi meiou".This one sounds soft but with a fierce meaning of "Fiery underworld don".
Bleach the Movie assures to be a great entertainer,ready to be screened in all major screens.
Sponsored by NCM Fathom

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

About me

People give out real interesting answers when asked this question..tell me about yourself.A few I found interesting.
"I'm Beyond your imagination"..well why on earth am I going to imaging about this guy and that too a guy.

"for describing ownself it is much tedious work,so ask to my best friend.
I believe in honesty , truthness, punctuality.
in short Introvert, Reserved, Very Comitted, Co-operative, Imaginative these r some words which u can use to describe me"....
Oh yes ,,he says its a tedious job and look at all the words he uses to describe himself.

And see this one
"ppl describe me as>>>>>
11.*out of my mind*<<<
15.....and on and on and on......><><><><>< just 13 ... come and get urself ready to be misleaded..ull have a hell of a time wid me...i wont bring u near a zone where ull get BORED!...GUARANTEED!;)"

Just 13..and so much to say..oh my god..the list would reach 100 at an age of 20.

Monday, June 9, 2008

For a journey called life

Journeys always excite man. Any journey becomes enjoyable only with the right amount of luggage you carry. So is the journey of life ,it is determined by how fit you are.The heavier you are the more the woes you face from blood pressure to diabetes to humiliation to psychological problems.
So it is always good to attend a good medical program for fitness.So here is one such unique program from Journeylite lap band surgeon chattanooga that starts off from evaluating if you actually need a lap band surgery ,find a good surgeon if needed,file for insurance formalities and then provide you the much needed after surgey care.

Rules in an electronics class

 Come to class on time. Standing outside the door and rushing in after the bell has begun to ring will constitute a tardy. You must be INSIDE the door when it begins ringing to be counted on time.

 Attend to personal needs before coming to class. I have been instructed not to give passes to lockers and to limit passes, so please do not ask for a pass unless you have a true emergency.

 Remain in your assigned seat unless you have permission to get up. Throw scraps away at the end of the period on your way out.

 Do not eat candy or other food in class. No food, drink or candy will be allowed in the laboratory at anytime because it is a safety hazard.

 Bring required materials every day unless you are otherwise directed.

 Do not cheat. Students caught cheating will receive a zero and a phone call home. Both the student who shares his work for an independent assignment AND the person who copies it will suffer the same consequences. I expect you to do your own work and to be sure no one can copy it.

 Be respectful toward everyone in the classroom. Treat others as you wish to be treated. Talk to one another as adults and without the use of profanity. Keep you hands off other people and their property

Fitness becomes easy

Its a fresh weekday morning and numerous people -youngsters,midde aged and old men and women alike all gather in gyms and parks and beaches.What do they have in common?One thing-That is the extra pound that they have been carrying and very dearly would like to lose it from their lives.Bein heavy is one thing that has troubled generations of humanity.
Now Dr.Richard Collier's new surgery Lap-Band© spells relief to all. Lap-Band©, is a weight loss surgery program as an alternative to the more invasive methods like Gastric Bypass Surgery in The Woodlands, Conroe, Houston, Kingwood, and Spring, Texas areas.His expertise in this field can very well be understood by his 30 years of medical experience.What is more important is his team of medicos who provide a very good after surgery care for the patients to ensure their well being and health.
Viist lap-band houston for the change of your lives.


Fitness is one issue that is a concern for many of us.I rise up evryday with this in mind.Me being a kabaddi player it is important for me to actually be fit all time.The sport is a very tough one where I get injured most of the times being in the front line of attack.It been quite some time since I have been playing this sport of mine and I love to play it.Maybe this passion in me is the reason for many for many of my injuries.I have sustained quite a few injuries in this sport and many of those have left permanent marks in me.I have a shoulder injury that has caused a ligament tare and this is such a pain considering the fact that each time my shoulder drops off from the socket while playing and I have to place it again in the right spot.

You have the looks??

Life is great...ofcourse for all of us..but it is greater for those who are beautiful and have loads of money.So do you think you are beautiful and you can walk up the ramps with super models in the fashion capitals of the world- New York,Paris and Milan?
has come up with a great contest for the wannabe stars of the fashion world.Log on to the site,create and account and upload that photo in which you feel you look the best.The look of the year is for all those young,beautiful ,aspiring models.

Its not just a lucrative career ,but also a whopping USD 10000 that attracts every potential contestant.Its the confidence that matters the most and who knows may be one among you would be the winner and you would take me with you to a life among the most good looking people in the world.

Guess the speaker

My first assignment at Microsoft was a Product Manager for Microsoft Mail. It was an amazing experience since e-mail (which we take for granted today) was hardly commonplace. It was an opportunity to establish this whole new category of application on the PC platform.

My work schedule was quite hectic in the early days since Microsoft was a fairly small company in those days and one didn't have access to many resources. It was not uncommon for people to work 60 to 80 hours a week. But we didn't mind since it was great to be at the forefront of new technology adoption

I started TeamOn Systems in 1999. To fund the company, I went to a number of prominent angel investors who I had known. These included people like Sabeer Bhatia, the founder of Hotmail, Pete Higgins, Executive VP at Microsoft, Mike Slade, CEO of Starwave etc.

This was very valuable not just for the funding that they provided but more importantly for the tremendous amount of advice and experience they were able to provide.

The acquisition by RIM happened in 2002 and was prompted by RIM's desire to enter the "prosumer" (mobile professional or individual business user) in addition to their traditional enterprise business.

At TeamOn, we had built a unique consumer wireless e-mail technology which was a perfect fit for RIM's requirements. The acquisition was very successful for RIM -- the technology that was built by TeamOn became BlackBerry internet e-mail which is now being used by several million BlackBerry users.

A New Wave

To be idle at home after completing degree,waiting for a call letter from a company I was placed an year ago ,I found to be a very hard thing.With nothing but my blog to spend my time with,I found my hobby could earn me cahs as well.This was possible by .
Bloggerwave is one such venture that aims to connect the advertisers who tend to find a platform for advertising their products and bloggers who can boast of one such platform in the form of their blogs..This is a mutuallly benefitting proposal where the advertisers get a good exposure to their products and bloggers can earn cash for their posts.
This site requires the bloggers to register their blogs ,wherein they get a mail of confirmation if their blog is approved.Bloggerwave is a pretty fast process where I got an approval within a day.Bloggerwave is one great chance for bloggers to make money with their blog.
Make money ...its easy now.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

The window seat...

Take me to any place in the world-anyway by train,bus,car,ship,submarine,aeroplane thing I would demand is a window seat i.e a seat adjacent to the window during travel.I dont have any idea why but I am becoming obsessed with the window seat of late.Kids ofcourse love the window seat but to term myselves,a 21 year old as a kid is too much even though its my blog.
Window seats offer a never ending list of comforts in travel.The burst of air that constantly you get across your face when you gaze out,once in a life time glimpses of scenery across the road side,occasional drizzles that wake you up when you feel drowsy and the joy of reading the signboards along the road and to share this piece of information with others with a tone as if you had visited these places already cannot be explained but has to be experienced in person.You are the first one to open your eyes to the golden rays of sunrise and also the first one to hit the dreams ,dozing off with the cool breeze.
I experienced all this in our recent tour to Kerala.In addition to all the above there are other comforts as well.For a person like me who has never used a comb in life ,the wind is the natural hairstylist and it suits me the best.Also I developed a good timepass there during the long road trips by bus.It may sound stupid but try it and ull understand that its not.Waving hands to strangers along side the road is what I am talking about.Its not just the hands ,it involves the entire body...a smiling face and a curious expression in eyes admiring the beauty of the land as a guest are needed to get back the gesture from the people along side the road.In Kerala my hit ratio was almost 100% ,I got back whatever I delivered.I had made quite a few interesting observations as well.Beautiful girls,women and children return the gesture very happily waving their hands with delight ,welcoming with a broad smile.But its the men who never attempt to do it.None of the men I waved to ,waved back at me.I wonder if I look like a person who has come all the way from Tamil Nadu to steal their goats or set their fields on fire.Their expressions said so,either a stare, a frown or an angry look.
I may sound silly ,but try it .You will know how nice it is to be greeted by someone who has never seen you before or for that matter youll never see again.But everything has its limitations.Jumping all over the place and scaring people or staring at women like a villager staring at a candy shop must be avoided.Be decent ,enjoy the experience.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

A few jokes

I found a few jokes to be very interesting...

A couple is lying in bed. The man says, "I am going to make you the happiest woman in the world."
The woman replies, "I'll miss you..."

Isnt this the state of many couples in the world?Are people living in a real happy married life or is it a mere fear for the society that keeps them together?

Q: What do you call an intelligent, good looking, sensitive man?
A: A rumor
I understand that all men will do agree to this.Arent men considered fools and isnt is a common feeling among women that men are inferior in terms of intelligence?

Q: Why do little boys whine?
A: They are practicing to be men.
As a child you always tend to imitate your parents,heroes,inspirations,teachers etc.We were monkeys once and monkeys are best at imitating it obviously shows.

Q: What does it mean when a man is in your bed gasping for breath and calling your name?
A: You did not hold the pillow down long enough.
Once again a state of unrest in marriage.

And this one...ppl dont get offended ..
Q: Why do men whistle when they are sitting on the toilet?
A: It helps them remember which end they need to wipe.
I found this to be damn hilarious.Could not stop laughing when I actually imagined the visual.You know I am such a person in whose mind a visual flashes everytime I hear a joke or read a story.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

A place to advertise has now grown out to be a leading website where bloggers and advertisers meet.I am a proud blogger in this ever growing page that proves and promises to be the destination for all those souls that seek to advertise their products online through honest and neutral comments generated by bloggers worldwide.
Social spark is developing into a hub of numerous advertisers and it would be a great experience to blog about the newest things in town.It has been a very pleasant experience here.What can make this more pleasant is the widening of the product and advertiser arena.The advertisers and products now seem to be limited to particular regions.Regions in the sense countries of USA ,UK etc.Though these products have universal appeal there seem to be less advertisers from Asian countries.The Asian countries like India ,China,Japan,Taiwan, Phillipines etc which boast to have the largest consumer base considering the huge population now seem to have caught on the blogging revolution as well with numerous bloggers on prowl.Advertisers based on these regions would be very fruitful.These regions boast of many indigenous products in electronics,software,IT,BPO,consumer goods,food items,medicines,fitness,health products,automobile,research,dress material,cosmetics,herbs,leather,spices,books,films,serials,advertisements,channels,starts ,movies etc.
With the upliftment of middle class in these countries the buying power of people has gone up and so is their quest to look up for ads and produsts online.So Social spark may look out for advertisers from these regions and product pool.

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News Fatigue

This term was in news recently.Even before I read what it is I was sure it has got to do something with youngsters and I was sure.It says that young adults who seem to have been inundated by facts and updates from the numerous media options like the emails ,news channels,mobile messages,dailies and also rumours and gossips seem to have troubles in accessing in depth stories.
This I think is a very common problem among us. Atleast I am happy that am not one of the victims,I am now seeing many who seemed to have fallen prey.Having spent some time with many of my friends in the recent past I bet atleast 50% of then have this problem.No one with whom I have watched a news channel seemed to be interested in a news item after it is broadcast in the flash or as a headline.All seem to switch between headlines in different channels with the press of a remote.
So is the case with the sms messages.The first line for most of them is enough to make them disinterested.The message then rests in trash.Ages are gone when we used to see folded papers read over and over again.This trend is catching up on the media too with agencies fuelling research to identify trends which may attract the younger generation.

In Plain Sight

USA Network's new original series In Plain Sight promises to be the hit of the season with its highly interesting characters and cast.The story which revolves around a smart and sexy U.S Marshall with secretive jobs Mary ,her very talented partner with great intelligence Mann,her boyfriend Raphael,her boss Stan,her mother Jinx,Mary's younger sister Brandi and a detective Bobby is sure to cause a stir among the viewers.I was really fortunate to get to view a trailer and read the character profiles of USA Network's new original series In Plain Sight.

I should admit the fact that apart from looks the power and force of Mary Shannon seemed to attract me the most.The whole series seems to have been spun around this lady who is beckoned with lots of responsibilities and expectations.Also the character which is deemed to be multifaceted with roles of a mother,body guard,friend,councellor etc seems to be a perfect choice for me.
This show and its characters have everything t offer to all members in a family.My mother was more excited than me. I am really looking forward to this great series and of course to my favorite character of Mary.The show is to aired from June 1st.
Sponsored by USA Network's new original series In Plain Sight

Monday, June 2, 2008

Fun at work

Qantas is an airline company based in Australia. After every flight, Qantas pilots fill out a form called a problem sheet,which conveys to the mechanics, problems encountered with the aircraft during the flight that need repair or correction. The engineers read and correct the problem, and then respond in writing on the lower half of the form what remedial action was taken, and the pilot reviews the sheets before the next flight. Of course, the ground crew and engineers have a sense of humour too. So, here are some actual logged maintenance complaints and problems as submitted by Qantas pilots and the solutions recorded by maintenance engineers.
(By the way, Qantas is the only major airline that has never had an accident.)
P means "problem logged by the pilot"
S means "solution logged by the engineers"

P: Left inside main tire almost needs replacement.
S: Almost replaced left inside main tire.

P: Test flight OK, except auto-land very rough.
S: Auto-land not installed on this aircraft.

P: Something loose in cockpit.
S: Something tightened in cockpit

P: Autopilot in altitude-hold mode produces a 200 feet per minute descent.
S: Cannot reproduce problem on ground.

P: Evidence of leak on right main landing gear.
S: Evidence removed.

P: DME volume unbelievably loud.
S: DME volume set to more believable level .

P: Friction locks cause throttle levers to stick.
S: That's what they're there for.

P: IFF inoperative.
S: IFF always inoperative in OFF mode.

P: Suspected crack in windshield.
S: Suspect you're right.

P: Number 3 engine missing.
S: Engine found on right wing after brief search.

P: Aircraft handles funny.
S: Aircraft warned to straighten up, fly right, and be serious.

P: Target radar hums.
S: Reprogrammed target radar with lyrics.

P: Mouse in cockpit.
S: Cat installed.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Your style your way

Talking of style icons,persons who make a fashion statement that the rest of the world follows,one person stands tall very significantly in the minds of every Indian.It is none other than Jawaharlal Nehru whose costumes and the style he sported started the dress code of an entire generation of politicians all over India.I wonder if there could be anyone else in the world who had more followers than Nehru interms of the dress code.Even today decades after his death there are numerous people who follow his dress code with the aim of making it big in the Indian political arena.Even his hat seems to have hit the jackpot becoming the symbol of a huge section of the society.This is evident from the numerous caricatures and cartoons where a simple hat very evidently resembles Nehru.
To me fashion and style have always been something alien.I sport a simple jean shorts with a simpler t-shirt always when in home.The costume when I go outside is rather a formal suit.My wardrobe also consists of sweatshirts,jerseys,tracks and sleeves which come in handy in my sports and gym activities.
There arent many like me who are least bothered about fashion.Dockers has announced a contest for those fashion freaks and enthusiasts to actually portray their fashion statements in the form of an ad for Dockers contest.The Dockers contest requires the participants to actually produce a short commercial featuring Dockers and their fashion statement whcih they aim to make it big.Exciting prizes are for the grab.Hurry up ,shoot for the world to see what you think to be hot and happening.

Sponsored by Dockers

Love calculator

Remember the good old funny game of flames which we used to play in our childhood to find out who our elusive match is?
Online love calculators now do this ,,and I should say these fetch extremely funny results.With my college over am at the peak of boredom and decided to do something in those sites.

My first victims were Barrack Obama and Hillary Clinton

And see what the love meter fetched...
Love Calculator results
These are the results of the calculations by Dr. Love:
barrack obama loves hillary clinton

92 %
Dr. Love thinks that a relationship between barrack obama and hillary clinton has a very good chance of being suc
cessful, but this doesn't mean that you don't have to work on the relationship. Remember that every relationship needs spending time together, talking with each other etc.

And now lets move on to the next pair

Love Calculator results
These are the results of the calculations by Dr. Love:
elton john loves brad pitt

85 %

These are the results of the calculations by Dr. Love:
laloo prasad yadav loves rakhi sawant

28 %
These are the results of the calculations by Dr. Love:
osama bin laden loves george bush

25 %

The chance of a relationship working out between osama bin laden and george bush is not very big, but a relationship is very well possible, if the two of you really want it to, and are prepared to make some sacrifices for it. You'll have to spend a lot of quality time together.

If u can imagine some more pairs...let me know...

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Black Friday - not so black

Black Friday - the name may suggest otherwise ,but for many people around the world this day is a very colorful one indeed.Particularly for the shopping freaks who tend to feast on discounts and special offers, this day is an ideal suit.
Black friday is the day after the thanksgiving , and before christmas when almost all the major retailers around the world,announce meaty discounts on their products to kick start the christmas shopping frenzy.These black friday discounts are mutually beneficial for both the dealers and the customers hence there is a very good possiblity that the dealer gets a very good sales and the customer gets the best product at the fairest prize.
The advertisements about the black friday offers are often kept secrets until they are revealed in the Thanksgiving day newspapers.This is done to prevent the mad rush which may cause over demand.Once the information spreads there is no stopping in this modern age.The fittest get the best deals.So black friday site aims to provide us an edge over others by actually letting us know the best of the offers that are available on that day.The site consists of a huge compilation of all the black friday ads sorted according to the manufacturer.
One other very major advantage is that the site also gives direct links to all products enabling us to buy products online thereby cutting out the huge queues and hours of waiting.The site has a very huge list of retailers sorted alphabetically.I could not actually resist the deals and ads over there and my endless list of shpping has grown further but this time to my profit and advantage.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Funny testimonials

Testimonials are what people write about their friends.
I found some really funny ones....
like these
Well he is the funniest x86 based processor I have ever met. Operates with a fan less heat sink, can process(talk) non-stop, his circuit is backed by a 24HRS UPS backup, always carries positively charged static ions around him, can hack any add-on card(babe) and take complete control of the complete circuitry, once in control sends SMS(Short male signals) to get necessary tasks executed. This processor can be seen in a very big hit Nokia6600, very stable,
we both have many things common, but the one above all is I!G@N#O$U% TDMA module, which reminds us about both, our past as well as future, he keeps sending 0.5 V signals through serial links which charges my CMOS battery, which helps me to keep my BIOS time up to date. I want to gift him a mobile which will have 16-in-1 card reader, with at least 4TB of storage(To store latest MMSs), self rechargeable Uranium Metal oxide battery, Bluetooth with 2.6 Million light years range and finally should be compatible with IPv6.Good friend to have.

U r A B.I.T.C.H

H - HONEST....

3)well itz tough 2 describe the most wonderful person in dis world but hav tried out here::

She is every Writer's Dream.

She is every Poet's Melody.

She is every Musician's Soul.

She is every Artist's Imagination.

She is every Singer's Voice.(ok dat was a bit much)

She is every Parents' Desire.

She is every Father's Darling.

She is every Mother's Baby.

She is every Brother's Sweetoo.

She is every Sister's Admiration.

She is every Infants Cuteness..

She is every Woman's Rolemodel.(will be)

She is every Prince's Princess.

She is every King's Queen.

She is every Person's Friend.

She is every Heart's Beat.

And rest will continue////

Dockers Commercial Contest

Commercials and advertisements rule today’s world of competitive marketing which requires the advertisements to be very attractive to catch the viewer’s attention.Only those products which sport a very good ad can boast of a very good market share in the long run.Companies and products with such eye catching advertisements can ensure themselves of an edge over other products and this edge means a lot in today’s world where the difference between a winner and a loser is a mere one or two percent.
The Dockers® "Make Your Own Dockers® Commercial" Contest (the Contest) a very unique innovative venture provides the entrants with an opportunity to create their own 30-second advertisement for Dockers.The advertisement must be a video which may be viewed online at, and are subject to rating based on the votes of the viewers.The most favorite will be submitted to NBC Universal, Inc. ("NBC") for consideration as a commercial and will be aired on June 13, 2008 broadcast of The very famous "Tonight Show with Jay Leno", and also will be made available online for sometime at
The contest is sponsored by Dockers contest and is independent of the Jay Leno show.The idea is to develop a very good commercial for Dockers.Dockers contest has drawn in many interesting submissions and I liked this one the best.Dockers contest can be viewed online and viewers can vote for their favorite videos.

The participation in this Contest,requires the entrant to accept and agree to the the Official Rules and the decisions of Levi Strauss & Co., 1155 Battery Street, San Francisco, CA 94111, ("Sponsor"), which shall be final and binding in all respects. It is to be noted that NBC Universal, Inc. is not the sponsor of the Contest

Sponsored by Dockers

Monday, May 26, 2008

A personality test

I was tagged by Earthlinggorgeous with this test.This personality test seems to be accurate.

My personality type is
Extraverted Intuitive Feeling Judging
Strength of the preferences %
78 12 12 22

ENFJs are the benevolent 'pedagogues' of humanity. They have tremendous charisma by which many are drawn into their nurturant tutelage and/or grand schemes. Many ENFJs have tremendous power to manipulate others with their phenomenal interpersonal skills and unique salesmanship. But it's usually not meant as manipulation -- ENFJs generally believe in their dreams, and see themselves as helpers and enablers, which they usually are.

ENFJs are global learners. They see the big picture. The ENFJs focus is expansive. Some can juggle an amazing number of responsibilities or projects simultaneously. Many ENFJs have tremendous entrepreneurial ability.

ENFJs are, by definition, Js, with whom we associate organization and decisiveness. But they don't resemble the SJs or even the NTJs in organization of the environment nor occasional recalcitrance. ENFJs are organized in the arena of interpersonal affairs. Their offices may or may not be cluttered, but their conclusions (reached through feelings) about people and motives are drawn much more quickly and are more resilient than those of their NFP counterparts.

ENFJs know and appreciate people. Like most NFs, (and Feelers in general), they are apt to neglect themselves and their own needs for the needs of others. They have thinner psychological boundaries than most, and are at risk for being hurt or even abused by less sensitive people. ENFJs often take on more of the burdens of others than they can bear.
TRADEMARK: "The first shall be last"

This refers to the open-door policy of ENFJs. One ENFJ colleague always welcomes me into his office regardless of his own circumstances. If another person comes to the door, he allows them to interrupt our conversation with their need. While discussing that need, the phone rings and he stops to answer it. Others drop in with a 'quick question.' I finally get up, go to my office and use the call waiting feature on the telephone. When he hangs up, I have his undivided attention!

And I am tagging my friends here...


<*start copy*>
The Myers-Briggs typology test. Imagine, finding the blog of another person that shares a similar (or maybe even the same) personality type as you.

If you are curious to see what personality traits others bloggers have and what dominant type of person fills the pages of the blogosphere with anything from personal journals to information rich SEO blogs.

1) Do the test.
2) Post your result on your blog.
3) Go to OMB’s blog and message him so he can include you in the compilation of test takers and their results post in his blog.
4) Post your link here after the person who tagged you.Outside My Brain;Earthly Explorations;Arvindspage
5) Pass this tag to every blogger you wish to take the test.
<*end copy*>

I found this to be very interesting..

Monday, May 19, 2008

Social spark-igniting the bloggers

Blogging is a passion for many people like me.Passions feed your mind but empty your pockets.This was true ..i mean it ' was ' true.Not anymore.With the advent of ventures like SocialSpark blogging is fast becoming a hobby that can earn you money as well.
SocialSpark, a very innovative and revolutionary venture by IZEA is one big thing that is going to rock the blogger world.When I first signed up to Social Spark the name pretty much sounded like a social networking site for bloggers.I was wrong.This is not just a social networking site.Social Spark I regard as a combination of a bloggers network,social netwoking site,a place where you can advertise your blog ,earn money for your posts etc.The code of ethics speaks for itself.
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Thursday, May 15, 2008

My day today

Today was a day full of emotions.Emotions from my friends,professors,HOD and from my part as well.Today we were issued our Transfer Certificates a very customary indication that we were now officially graduates and that meant our day to day relationship with our college was over and we are going to miss all the fun and the moments we cherished with our friends in the college.
There were hugs ,handshakes and the "dont forget me" dialogues and I was moved as well.Me being a very stable person very rarely feel dull and today was one day something made me dull and silent the whole day.Though we had the usual fun of shouting in the corridors,kicking friends,getting kicked,teasing the poor ones etc there was this element of an uncertainity that afterall this may be the final moments of fun with friends ,was there.
I think everyone felt the same.There where many interesting assumptions that were made as well.When some boy or girl stood alone in the corridor it was assumed thet he/she was waiting to speak with her/him resp.Finally we received our funny group photo where I had preplanned my spot so that I would appear a bit taller.It seemed to be out of focus and I had almost fallen asleep before the camera.

Shed the extra pounds

One thing that bothers almost all of us today apart from ofcourse love is obesity.You may weigh a mere 40 or something above 100 ,but still your weight always seems to be abnormal to you.To lose weight is a great feel for all of us and it brings out some sort of happiness in our minds.
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This is a complete step by step process which starts from the point of evaluating if this system is suitable for you,finding an experienced surgeon,getting the insurance approval,surgery and after care,etc.There are also support groups and forums and communities to aid ,share and communicate.This sounds great for all those who want to shed that extra few pounds .

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Love and me...

'Isnt she beautiful?','I think this is the time da..','I must do it now or it will be too late','When are you going to propose da?'.....these are a few from the never ending list of the love bitten dialogues Im getting to hear very frequently these days...
With our college life coming to an end,the people around be seem to be panicking around to find a match..there are normal ones like me though..but otherwise the list of desparates seems to be on a rise around me.
One of my friends whom I expected to be a saint in a few days came up with his love story and needless to say everyone of us were taken by surprise.This guy who used to talk about electronics,projects,gadgets and books now talks tirelessly about this girl and the confusions in his mind for hours together...and invariably he starts and ends with a 'Tell me what to do da..."...
There are other interesting characters in my friends circle as guy who has been having a crush on a nurse for the past 4 years and now after completing his college is now planning to visit all hospitals around the city to find her...and an another boy who actually called up and spoke to a girl's mother thinking that he is speaking to his lady love..

Love is a wonderful thing.
You never have to take it away
From one person to give it to another.
There's always more than enough to go around.
~ by Pamela de Roy ~
and my friend has understood this in practice by proposing to 5 girls and waiting for a response from atleast one..
Love seems to make people intelligent guy actually asked me to guess the name of his girl...the clues were the first ,third and last letters of her name...very difficult to guess unless you understand the fact that shes my classmate and her name is a 5 letter word...Everything in India has an action component....I have now witnessed atleast 3 fights for the sake of girls.Am sure in another few days it would be the time for "Im committed da","i miss her very much da" etc etc....
Love is like a rumor, Everyone talks about it,But no one truly knows the cause.
I ve started wondering what makes people so crazy about someone in their life..making them forget everything else.

Ashop commerce - the next big thing

Wonder why the internet never loses its craze and popularity??One thing that keeps the internet running of course other than porn,google,wiki and social networking is online shopping.Online shopping and e commerce have become so dominant in today's economy that in countries like India there have been complaints recently that online shopping and trading had caused terrible price rise.This to an extent is true ,not that online shopping has increased the prices but the fact is that shoppers who tend to shop online are ready to spend more.The internet-one word which has revolutionized every walk of life has a very strong presence in the field of shopping and marketing.Online stores are fast becoming the buzz words of the modern world and the future of this field is enormous with the ever expanding internet subscribers.
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Sunday, April 20, 2008


India fast emerging as the medical tourism hub of the world has issued guidelines for the issual of medical visas for foreign nationalities.

“A medical category visa may be issued with the following conditions:

a. The Indian Missions/Posts abroad may scrutinize the medical documents very

carefully and satisfy themselves about the bonafide purpose for which medical

treatment visa is being requested.

b. Mission may satisfy that the applicant has sought preliminary medical advice

from his country of origin/country of residence and he has been advised to go

for specialized medical treatment.

In case the foreign national desires to go for treatment under the Indian system of

Medicines, his case may also be considered.

c. This type of visa should be granted for seeking medical attendance only in

reputed / recognized specialized hospitals/ treatment centers in the country.

Although non exhaustive, following illustrative list of ailments would be of

primary consideration; serious ailments like neuro-surgery; ophthalmic disorders;

heart related problems; reneal disorders; organ transplantations; plastic surgery;

joint replacement etc.. The basic idea would be that the mission may satisfy about

the need of the foreign national to come to India for medical treatment/ health


The M Visa is valid for a period of 1 year and subjectible to extension based on reports from local state governments or medical bodies.The dependants of the patient ,maximum two of them are also provided Mx Visas to assist the person during his stay in India.

For more information in this regard visit