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Monday, February 25, 2008

Burn Out

The past week has been a very very hectic one for is the week to follow...paper presentations,project work,robotics preparation etc etc...I am feeling completely exhausted with all this..interesting stuff to work with ,but still am exhausted...
Went to college today after a week and felt as if i belong to a different planet...burnt out to the extent that when I was asked to fill out a few slam books I was absolutely short of words..i feel a flow when i start writing usually ,,but this time it was a complete block....could not even think of a coherent para...hav got excuse to fill those next week..
Starting to Saastra Univ in a few minutes..gotto participate in paper der and shuttle to NIT Trichy to participate in paper and robotics...a win atleast would boost up this tired soul...

Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Cook In Me..

I have always been a good eater and of late the cook in me sprang up to life..the physics involved in dosas ,the artistry in samosas etc have always fascinated me...but whenever ive tried to cook something i get chased out of the kitchen.Maybe the ladies in my home are afraid of my talents.
And who says interest is enough to achieve things??all my attempts in serious cooking have ended up in vain.Perhaps theres much more involved in this than mere interest-the right recipe,utensils,timing,ingredients,quality all seem to play a role in this..
My friend Dhivya today gave me this wonderful link to aid me in ...this site provides excellent demos of numerous Indian recipes with videos and clear explanations .For those who dont want their preparations to end up before dogs or cats,,do visit the site...

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Get Hacked

Getting hacked makes u feel so special..I have been many times with my frnds playing with my gmail and messenger passwords.So if u want to join the "ive been hacked " group of very important persons ,,then choose your mail passwords to be one among these..the list of most common passwords all over the world.

1. '123' (3.784‰):

S..indeed intelligent but very common

2. 'password' (3.780‰)

I know atleast 3 persons with this password

3. 'liverpool' (1.82‰)

The indian version mayb sachin

4. 'letmein' (1.76‰)

No idea what this is

5. '123456' (1.63‰)

A bit more of intelligence

6. 'qwerty' (1.41‰)

Indeed a east pick

7. 'charlie' (1.39‰)

Seems this is a common name

8. 'monkey' (1.33‰)

The first 6 letter word that comes into mind for many of us..

9. 'arsenal' (1.11‰)

Rnt der many football lovers?

10. 'thomas,arvind,ajay etc etc ' (0.99‰)..i..e ur name

The most common according to me

Google for the complete list

Friday, February 8, 2008

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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Bored to the core

The past few days have been terribly boring...I felt like I had nothing new to do..Though our project work and related stuff were going on,but still I felt bored..
Felt like doing something new...not the usual things...something interesting and engaging..
Thats wen I saw those scraps being forwarded in orkut ...oh my god ..ive missed dose funny things so far.Whenevr i get such a fwded scrap I used to delete those without a second glance.What a mistake ,,I was missing such a great entertainment.
These scraps seem to exhibit all sorts of human traits-funny,sarcastic,criminal,dangerous,silly,pity,poor etc etc.
Being the exam season this one seems to have attracted many
"Say Jai Sai Baba Ki 80 times..else you will fail in 2008 exams"....lolz..I was reminded of those yellow coloured bit notices that r issued in bus stands by weird looking people which read something like "pass this to atleast 100 people or else your wife will run away"...
And the funniest part of this is the last line "Sorry I had no other go...couldnt take risk at this time of the year" ...i even saw a few ppl scrapping how many times they chanted these..
And now giving life to the cupid in you "Send this scrap to all in your friends list ..the name of your crush will appear on the screen"..followed by a "Man this is creepy" and this seems to have been the greatest hit existing for quite a time now..
Look at this one "Copy and paste this link in your address bar and ENJOY"
and people expecting Angelina Jolie to dance with them when they do this flood your scrap book with these craps.
Also there are some really frightening ones that sound like "Delete this scrap and your life will be flooded with bad luck and miseries"......
The most annoying ones are community invitations that are being scrapped to all..."Join SVCE Shakers(2004-2008)","Join "RK SIR-the ultimate maths sir"...
Who cares to see wat relation exits between me and SVCE or the ultimate maths sir?
Apart from these there are those usual friendship quotes,blog intros,be my fan messages etc...
I might have missed many oder ultimately funny add dose in comments..