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Monday, September 28, 2009

Game On

It had been a very hectic week for me in college.I decided to take a well deserved break and get back to my long lost passion of gaming.This may have been because one of my friends had gifted me a World of Warcraft game cd and I was really tempted to give it a try.I had to find some one else who had played it.My immediate destination was the Rugged nerds gaming forum and as always it was a very wise decision.I was really excited to be a part of this world.They had well categorised sections for pc,console and egaming.

There were also numerous threads and active discussions on game specific topics.It was a good place also to carry out general chat and discussions as well.

Sunday, September 27, 2009


Several converging technology
trends and market factors are leading
to the increased use of the Application
Specific Standard Processor (ASSP)
for a widening range of applications.
Ever-increasing performance demands
in networked communications, data storage,
and other arenas require that next
generation embedded processors deliver
increased processing performance. At
the same time, the growing role of industry-
standard bus and network interfaces
make it less attractive to design and
maintain the single-purpose Application
Specific IC (ASIC) as the cost of tooling
and mask development continues to

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Dress up your bike

Every man I have come across is a bike lover of some sort.More than just riding ,most of us love to dress up and customize our bikes with accessories and spare parts of all kinds.I recently found this site which by far is the most incredible I have come across.It provides a huge variety of accessories annd spare parts of very good quality to every brand of bike that is available.
The huge merchandise that is available is professionally classified under numerous categories and this makes the browsing and selection a very easy task.My personal choice was national cycle parts and no wonder I have become a huge fan of this site.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

For the car lovers

My friend who had gone to UK for his MS recently called me.His voice was full of happiness and it had been quite some time since I had seen him so excited.He was a great lover of cars.The reason for his excitement was that he had visited Buyyourcar website.The moment I saw it I was impressed too.Being a three year old site with great reputation they offer every information on used cars,new cars,car leasing,contracts and also comparison of all available offers.
Valuable car reviews and insurance information is also provided.It was a timely help for me since it provided the best in market information on used cars.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Lateral Thinking

Lateral thinking is a term coined by Edward de Bono, a Maltese psychologist, physician, and writer. He defines Lateral Thinking as methods of thinking concerned with changing concepts and perception.
It can be a very handy tool in many critical situations in life.The lack of lateral thinking can be a very dangerous thing in certian critical conditions.I had seen it practically and experienced it personally too.
I am considering to post more on this.

Share files with ease

My office was in a major upgradation mode .We were looking for some options to actually manage file sharing process in our work place more efficiently and effectively.A quick survey led us to this site.
We were impressed by their track record that had lasted for over ten years in providing file transfer solutions to both small and large companies.Most importantly many major organisations were their customers.
We were pretty convinced that we would be able to save millions of dollars by eliminating huge man hours of file transfer.
Their expertise in providing ftp servers promised a very effective solution that would be the best fit for us.Do try and be impressed.