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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Time is precious- Is it?

It had been almost a year since all our college friennds had met.Things were different now.Most of us had become very busy with hectic office schedules and assignments.The reason for this meet was that one of our friends was going abroad for his higher studies.It was once again left to us to search for a suitable gift .This we all thought should be a particularly good one because he wil be away from us for almost 3 years.What else than a watch would be the perfect gift?
This was when I found I suppose is by far the best of the sites I have found to purchase quality Rolex watches at affordable cost.Rolex is close to everyone's heart and I have started loving this site for obvious reasons.This site with a great reputation of offering the best priced Rolex watches as they are independent dealers.All items are absolutely genuine and have authentic serial numbers,brand new Rolex boxes and GIA member appraisal papers.
Most interestingly they offer a 3 year warranty and a free fedex shipping.We were extremely satisfied with teh gift we purchased from the site.I am sure I will be a regular customer .

Monday, August 24, 2009

India Debates

This forum is for all who care about how INDIA shapes up into a so called 'Superpower' in the future.
However, to break the barrier the people of this country need to be empowered. That's not happening in the present scenario!!!!!!!

The problems India faces are humangous and we seem to nowhere near to eradicating them.
If you have a dream for your motherland and possible solutions to its unending problems, come and share them with like minded people on this forum.

We might not be able to change much about the way India looks today, but we certainly shape it's tomorrow.

India Debates: Engaging Indians for better India...

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Friday, August 21, 2009

The right smell

One thing that anyone will agree to is the fact that to get your choice of perfume right is the most difficult task to deal with.Its the same in my case too.I had a number of trails before my final choice of sandalwood cologne.This was after a series of trials on varieties like coconut ,eu d cologne,rose etc .The scent of sandalwood was the most refreshing to me.Though rose was a pleasant choice,it never did last as long as sandalwood did.
My first visit to a perfume store lasted almost 1 hour.I had tried out every available choice before my nose actually ceased to detect any scent.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Interview tips

How to prepare for a successful interview

An interview is a bridge between you and job of your choice. If you are well prepared before undertaking and interview you can pass this bridge to your destination with ease and guarantee. You have to consider some basic points before going for an interview. Always plan your interview, do some homework for it and research the Company and the position offered by it. Have your facts and accomplishments ready to support your perfect match with the position offered. After research do some rehearsal by answering general questions mentioned below and will be updated from time to time. Try to write down your answers so that you can keep them concise and well targeted. Be positive while talking to the interviewer and maintain an eye contact to show your interest. Relate your answers to the achievements relevant to the position.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Web hosting made easy

I had always loved the job of organising things.I got the oppurtunity to organise a family get together at my office.A web site had to be created with the details for the members to access and register their presence.The urgent search for a web hosting site led me to webhostinggeeks.It was a one stop destination for my needs .This amazingly simple and user friendly site had a complete information on the best web hosts of the year 2009 and this was what I wanted the most.Need less to say I had the best site to host the information and the project was a huge success.Thanks to the site and their dedicated servers
without which I would have been left desperate and stranded.One other thing to mention is that I ve had no prior experience in web hosting and the only source of information that proved worthful was the numerous list of references that were available.The site contains a list of blogs that have numerous informations on the best blog hosts,email hosts,information on domain names,e-commerce and the numerous security issues involved.I am planning to venture into SEO tools to have a much more insight and know how.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


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There have been some cases of Influenza A H1N1 virus among students and staff in certain schools, primarily in Delhi and Maharashtra. There has been considerable speculation over the need for closure of schools to control the outbreak. This matter has been considered by the Joint Monitoring Group in the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. All schools and colleges are advised to observe the following guidelines for managing cases of infection of Influenza AH1N1.

Any student or staff member showing flu like symptoms such as fever, cough, running nose and difficulty in breathing should be allowed to stay at home for a period of 7 to 10 days.

Educational institutions should not insist on production of medical certificate by the student/staff.

Educational institutions should monitor the health status of such students/staff who might have come in contact with a suspected case of Influenza AH1N1 to see whether they develop flu like symptoms. In case they do so, they should be allowed to stay home, as outlined at (i) above

In case of students staying in Hostels, the educational institutions would not only monitor the health status of the students, but also that of care providers. It has to be ensured that the care providers wear face mask and wash hands regularly. It might not be advisable to send the boarders back to home, as it would spread infection further.

Educational institutions are further encouraged to report such cases to local health officers for further monitoring.

Given the current magnitude of the spread of AH1N1 infection and the fact that the current virus is fairly mild, closure of educational institutions on account of any student/staff member falling ill with flu like symptoms is not recommended.

In the first place, the schools should discourage the excursions of the students to the affected countries.

In case if the students had proceeded to affected countries on unavoidable tours, then on their return, if some students show flu like symptoms of fever, sore- throat , cough , body ache, running nose, difficulty breathing etc. they should be advised to abstain from attending school and be allowed to stay at home for a period of 7 to 10 days.