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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Cisco - for a great career

The world today is full of competition and to survive and flourish in this fierce competition one needs to have that extra edge over others.The survival tactics involves the acquisition of supreme skills in the technology domain that one is involved in.As a communications engineering fresher,for me to get into the top tier companies required a lot of hard work and also the survival there was to tough.Later I learnt from my friends about the Cisco Certification programs that the very famous and established giant Cisco provides to professionals and students.These career certifications increase one's profile value making them more skillful and employable and these people are great assets to any organisation and obviously are in great demand.
The demands of the industry are varied and so are certifications,that range from three different levels-associate ,professional and expert.There are also a wide range of career paths like Routing and Switching, Network Security, and Service Provider etc that can be selected according to one's industry requirements.This focussed in the core areas of the industry is very essential in developing one's skill sets in the view of long term growth and development.Both general and specialist certifications are provided for the taking.The demand for these can be understood from the fact that recently the 1 millionth certificate was issued by Cisco.
My friend was the best example for how a Cisco crtification could change one's life.He was one ordinary professional and the moment he was cisco certified ,his life was on a high.He was flooded with offers and hikes and now he is leading a huge team of professionals with a high success rate and a heavy pay package.I am now pursuing my course for a Cisco certification.

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Friday, July 18, 2008

TV Shows

A reality show “Kabhi Yaar, Kabhi Pyaar” is being aired during prime time on Sony TV which covertly promotes adultery. It is a dance show wherein 7 on-screen (who act as spouses in serials) and off-screen (who are spouses in real life) couples have to prove their passion compatibility to win the grand prize. The dance movements are erotic to the core.

It may be a great idea to ensure maximum TRPs but what happens if one of the on-screen couple gets carried by emotion and commits adultery in real life? Adultery may be projected as comedy or heroism in our ethic bankrupt films but in real life it is not so. Adultery is an act no sensible human being can be proud of. People who commit adultery in the spur of a moment may repent it till they die. Families get broken and kids shattered because of adultery. Should a public medium like prime time television be used to promote adultery? Is the dose of mega serials promoting adultery not sufficient that a reality show should be based on such an immoral theme? As they say, despite all rumblings, the show will go on. Feel the good old eighties of a single DD Channel was ideal.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Wargames-entertaining generations

If you want me to name one movie that I would take with me to a lonely island,I would,without any hesitation come out with the reply -"Wargames".This is one movie that has captured the imaginations of generations alike.My father liked it,I adored it and my brother loves it so much.The role of Matthew Broderick,an enthusiastic teenager who loves to play games and with his passion and technical brilliance gets to play a game that makes him to potentially control the military is one character that every kid wants to relate his life to.
The power he has,the brilliance he possesses,the entire army at his disposal ,etc made him the hero among like me.WarGames the epic is celebrating its 25th Anniversary event with the movie being played in select theatres all over the country on Thursday, July 24th.Also there are never to be missed interviews with the cast and crew of the film and an exclusive chance to get a sneak peek of the sequel to the movie which has been named - The Dead Code.


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Never get distracted is what we hear from everyone when we enter the college or a job.Dont know why people suppose that there are Mallika Sherawat's everywhere around us trying to distract us from our otherwise very concentrated mindset.I have always got the feeling that the most beautiful girls are always seniors,juniors,from other college,from other tuitions or other gyms or other offices.None around us anywhere.I dont know if its my assumption or is it the same way the whole world feels.I am not surprised even if girls feel the same way about boys.
I have a feeling that distractions are needed for the spice in life.Any work in my life,without some sort of a distraction or a divertion has never been a tremendous success.Only those jobs where I am distracted atleast to some extent prove to be great ones.May be it is the wandering mind that comes up with the best of the ideas.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

An unbelievable offer

As a blogger one prime requirement or a desire would be to have a high speed internet connection ,that is actually affordable.It has never been a reality so far.An internet connection is either slow or costly.Speed and affordability never went hand in hand. Charter internet is now here to make this a reality.It promises a 5 Mbps connection with a really exciting price tag that is as low as $14.99 per month.
This implies that we browse almost 90 times faster than in a dial up and 3 times faster than in an ordinary ADSL connection at a very cheap rate.This is coupled with offers like automatic virus protection,10 email accounts,20 Mb of webspace,everything for free.An offer only a fool would neglect.

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Sentimental?Am I?

Considering the sort of a person I am,its really surprising to actually know how sentimental and superstitious I am in life.I have never really considered my selves as one ,until I made a careful assessment of my habits.
I cannot live without doing certain things in daily,or else I feel really restless.One is knocking or atleast touching the door of every room I come out.All do it while entering and I do it while coming out.If I miss any,I go back,touch the door and them return to what I was doing.One other habit is counting my fingers every night before sleeping.Just a simple touch of all other fingers with my thumb and only then I try to sleep.
A few of these sentiments caught up during my college life.Everyday when I cycle to the bus stand,I feel low in spirits if I dont come across certain people(I wont tell you who they are) and one particular auto with a name (that I wont reveal) written on it.If I happen to see them ,the rest of my day remains cheerful.One habit which my friends say that I had planned on purpose is getting a person's notes xeroxed.Any subject ,if I get a feeling that it would be too tough for me to handle,I get a girl's notes photocopied and everytime I start my preparation I start with those notes.Honestly it wasnt planned but rather worked out very well every semester.I dont claim that I passed only because of those notes,but it was a sort of a morale booster.
I wonder what would join in this list when I start going to a job.

Debt Consolidation

I am known to be a very careful and pro active person and I like finishing all my works atleast a couple of days earlier and cherish those moments of my success.But there is one thing that I hold up to the very last moment.Its the process of paying all my bills,that is my debt consolidation bills .I allocated one special day with a Bill Day tag to actually pay all my bills .There is not any particular reason for my laziness in this regard,but I like to wait till the last moment to see if any miracle occurs to cancel out the debt on mine.This turned out to be a great problem recently for a friend of mine who follows the same procedure as I do.When he was busy deciding on how to pay back the bills on the Bill day he had completely forgotten the debts in his credit card.They had grown out of proportion and when the day arrived and he was hapy over the fact that he had paid back all his other bills,this representative from the bank was there threatening my friend with a legal notice.My friend never had a plan in place to cover these emergencies and was left with humiliation before others.Debt consolidation is a very important process these days with people actually lending from many sources.Debt relief and Debt help are now being provided by Bills IQ for all those trouble souls in need of guidance.There is a quiz which is aimed at creating awareness and is actually very good.
The site offers numerous other features like credit card debt consolidation etc.

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Mobile dangers

Numerous reports seem to be out everyday on this topic.The most convincing one dealing with every issue that may be concerned with a mobile related health issue was out and I got a chance to go through it.
It says that though prolonged use may aggravate the risk of cancer,the mobile radiation is not strong enough to cause cancer.Long term use may also result in brain tumours and chances are more fro ear tumours.What is more alarming is the effect on the brain's protective barrier that may cause Parkinson's in the future.An of course there is a very obvious thing which is deafness and that we experience in many cases practically.Sleeplessness seems to be another thing that may be caused and i have experienced it my self and also in the case of mu friends.
I was taken aback that these radiations could cause sterility too,lowering the sperm count,quality and motility.Children may have stress related hyperactivity,learning and concentration problems.Too much trouble than one can handle.But who cares?

Friday, July 11, 2008


It has been quite some time since I started using computers and for the past 3-4 years ,both my computer and my eyes have been under maximum strain.Due to a minor discomfort I had to consult an eye specialist and he suggested me a sunshade glass for my eyes.
I love buying things online and decided to try buying a glass too and the ultimate destination was Zenni Optical.I was really impressed to learn from the site that Zenni Optical was on FOX news! .Its an amazing feat but quite achievable for this one of a kind organisation that provides great quality products at very affordable prices.There is a very wide variety that is available.I was really glued on to these Incredible Stylish New Frames From Zenni and was tempted to but every one of those.
I have ordered Zenni Optical $ 8 Rx Eyeglasses and also a cool sunshade frame too.

College rating part 4

TNEA Season has begun and I am posting my college rating based on the infrastructure and other facilities.These views are from the eye of a student who visited these colleges in person.Most of them based in Chennai ,Kanchi puram and Tiruvallur.
The listing for affiliated colleges
1)St Josephs Group-The landscaping,auditoriums and central library are great
2)Crescent --------The auditorium
3)Velammal and Sairam-Every lab or class is nearby that u need not waste time moving around
4)Easwari and Meenakshi-Their location in the centres of the city

There are also other colleges like Rajalakshmi,Veltech which have huge campusses.

Moving on to the deemed university section,SRM and VIT come first.Both are monstrous.Then comes SHASTRA Deemed.

Links to part 1,part 2,part 3.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Hear from the experts

The world around me seems to have entered the earning stage.All my friends ,almost all are into their jobs,or waiting for the letters from their companies.It has become a daily issue that I get calls regarding credit cards.Its either from my friends with their doubts or from the credit card companies that are on the look out for potential customers.I was desperately in need of an expert who could guide me in this regard and my search led me to
The world of credit cards has several issues to deal with like choosing the best card,the best scheme,the bank,the interest rates involved,the payback schemes that best suit us and numerous other issues that need and expert like this site to help.
Things are made very simple here.It is a simple three step process in to the world of credit cards.Just chose the type of credit card you are looking for from the list that consists of options like the bank that issues the card,the interest rate etc.Then comes the step of comparing the numerous choices that are offered for our selection.As simple as that and then apply online to the best choice.This is a must visit site for all.It hosts a very informative blog with interesting articles too.


Each day I turn the pages of either The Hindu,the Indian Express,The DC or The TOI or even the Dinamalar and Dinakaran,there is something about Orkut and other networking sites.Invariably there is nothing good that is being put up.
It seems to be a fashion id ridiculing or criticising these sites in the media.The whole world of the 40s and 50s seem to have the only opinion that these sites are evil and have nothing except porn,fake profiles and everything anti social.Those are of course present,but to me they are very insignificant considering the good things that are possible.

A Friend in need

A friend of mine made a very desperate call to me last month.It was almost the month end and he had joined in his new job.When most of us were enjoying our holidays after graduation ,this poor guy had no other choice other than to work soon to support his family.But now he was in dire need of money and there was little I could do with my savings.
It was when my uncle made a brilliant suggestion.He referred us to quick glance through the site and I could tell that mt friend's urgent need for cash would be solved soon.
This site is one place that helps is meet the last minute expenses,surprise costs, unexpected bills, unforseen costs,unexpected arrival of guests,sudden health hazard etc that may drain the purse and demand more when we are actually expecting our salary to make the ends meet.This site is a provider of short-term loans that help us manage our finances between the pay days.One just needs to be a currently employed,aged above 18 ,US citizen with a bank account to avail this service of quick cash loan which is widely known as payday loan or a cash advance.Just sign in the simple form and let the experts take over the rest.