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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Looking around me

All my 12+4 years of education are over now and here I stand with a job in Siemens ,which  I am finding to be very interesting and challenging.There is a lot more for me to learn and master so that I find myself in a real good position 5 years down the line both in terms of knowledge and salary.
All these years I have come across numerous people of my age group.Have developed very good friendships with many and bitter rivalry with very few.I am among the fortunate lot of people to whom everyone around seem to be sweet and caring.Thanks to all my friends for this.
Talking of friends ,it is really amazing to think of the never ending list of people and their careers.
Oppurtunities and careers seem to be plenty these days.Talking of the lsit of companies that my friends are working,even the verticals and fields seem to be numerous.
I will start from the core engineering field in which I am employed now.My friends are in Robert Bosch,Visteon,Intruit,Sonycore,Norton,TI,HP,TVS,Ford,Nokia,Airtel,Microsoft,Siemens,Intel,
Philips,Perspecte,,Wipro,GE Plastics
HCL,ISRO,BEL,IOCL,Juno etc.You might have very easily noticed the different core sectors ranging from automobile,embedded systems,core programming,information security,semiconductors,consumer electronics,RFID etc this list covers.
                Next is my favorite of medicine.I am really proud to  have doctors,physio therapists ,nutricians,dieticians  in my friends list.I am assured of free treatment and health tips in the future.
                IT companies are simply the largest recruiters at this age and obviously this list is a long one,though most of them are yet to join,waiting for their call letters.Tech H Mahindra,TCS,Cognizant,Satyam,Infosys,Patni,EDS,Emphasis,Wipro,Keane,Hexaware,HCL,
Mindtree etc.The job profiles also vary from front office to management to HR to programming to testing etc etc.
                    BPO jobs are fetched like hot cakes and there are many in those companies too.Like in Allsec,Sutherland,HCL BPO,Wipro BPO and many other companies which seem to make hay while the sun is shining.
There are many interesting jobs profiles in Beroe inc,Royal Sundaram,RBS,Merill Lynch etc.
                        There are many in US,Germany,Singapore,Australia pursuing their higher studies in subjects ranging from MIS to Game programming.The coming year is bound to see some more of my friends on their flight abroad.A few are flying planes for the military and commercially as well.
The future seems to be bright ,full of hopes and luck.Must keep in touch with all forever.