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Monday, March 21, 2011

The old feeling

Finally my blog - my once lost hobby - finds me signing in. Officially its been a long long time ago, since I made a proper post here. Ive been trying to put some dummy posts occasionally. Thank God, that blogspot shares the gmail password-yet I would have forgotten it long back.
I cannot help it but I am getting this awful, scary , what-so-ever feeling that I am growing older. Once you get this feel, its very tough to get rid of it. It keeps lingering in your mind- like the itch that bothers you about your one single white hair and the constant doubt that you have not zipped your pants. Salting this wound are the changes that are taking place around me - Every friend complaining about his/her/my tummy, exponentially increased number of "Annas" that I receive these days, my first mobile that I bought long back - now lying totally battered,college and school friends getting married, witnessing the death of things like Orkut, Yahoo, Zunes,IE etc....when things around you are getting outdated-Does that mean we too are?
I know I would hear a "No" - loud and clear from many of you.The louder you are-the older you are.There is no denying to this fact. I am wickedly happy that I am not the only one growing old. To see a bigger tummy or a more rapidly receding hair line in friends - Wow its an awesome feeling. It takes me back to my college days.
I should not sound so gloomy after all. Its been just a 24 year journey. Lots more mileage left.I am still the youngest in my office. I just found a new job, I am resuming my sport activities, I still can cycle a lot more than 20Kms, I still can lift the full weights in my gym ,it still doesnt look odd when I wear a shorts and I still look like a school boy when I shave . Lol the last one was a little too far fetched. Never mind :P
When I write this post-seated opposite to me is a man- probably older than me by 5 years. Damn - I am still young :) Am happy and the fact that I am happy does makes me a wee bit worried . 874a88c0233c7760b1a9752b83761e30ef716f4cc444dcfa44