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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Drive away

My boss had planned this vacation for over an year.It was his way to beat stress.I had to help him out on this European trip.I had got everything right and the only thing I had not thought about was the car hire plan.I had completely overlooked it till the last moment.It struck me when there was barely few days left.It was when I found this site.
It was a complete portal with updates from all leading car rental car suppliers in Europe and Italy Car Hire.
I could search for all dealers entering the pick up date,location,number of passengers,the rates, availability etc in a single click.It was user friendly,reliable and extremely trusted.It saved me from a huge embarrassment and my Boss was obviously satisfied with the service.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

The day of ghosts

Every year my workplace gears up in full vigour for this day.Just take a guess.Would it be our board meeting?Our boss's birthday?Auditing?None of these.Its the halloween day.We just do not know why,but this day ever since the first day of inaugration,this particular day by some means has brought all excitement,fun and interest in usually dull and professional office atmosphere.Every year its the duty of one employee to select and purchase halloween costumes for every one participating.One might imagine the complexity of this task considering the fact that each oen has his own idea,his tastes ,likes ,dislikes ,priorities and preferences.
More difficult is finding the coreect size for a typically over size man/women.I had a real headache in finding a good source of halloween costumes as this year was my turn and I had a very little time to spare for this activity.
My search led me to this site.This I can easily claim to be the best source I had found so far. I suppose any further search cannot lead me to a better site .It had the largest online collection for men,women,children and even babies.
One could chose from the normal and the sexy varieties that were available and the selection was a easy task because they had a very good display catelogue.Every thing needed for a halloween right from accesories to decoration items was found.My favorite was this Angel Halloween costumes and no wonder it had a very great demand.Oen thing to note is that every piece is of very good quality and easily affordable.Beneath each product there is a very easy way to shop online and also a cool notification facility to inform us in case something is not available.
I have decided that this site would be the ultimate place for any event that I may host in future.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

For your dear ones

It was a real hectic planning for my family tour.Thing was that we had many babies in our household and planning the travel for their safety was as vital as our comfort was.This was when I found this travel site that specialised onbaby travel issues.I could book air tickets,hotel rooms and obtain suggestions from the experts in this site.

Searching Simplified

For every student in this modern world ,ebooks serve as a great source of information.Nowadays more than libraries and books its the ebooks that are catering the needs of millions of students these days.What a student of today needs is a good search engine that is exclusive for the search of e-books and pdf from my point of view is by far the best search tool that I have come across.I could find every research paper that I needed for my masters thesis with this search engine.I must really thank this site and I recommend it for every one of my friends for pdf search.

Identifying Customer needs

The basic philosophy is to create a high quality information channel that runs directly between customers and every designer and developer.The people who rule the product development cycle must have direct interaction with each and every customer.Also it is important that the designer experiences the user environment and without this direct experience the technocal trade offs will never be done correctly.One other major issue is that innovative solutions to customer needs may not be discovered without the real hands on experience.The most significant issue arises later that the designers will lack the deep commitment with customer needs.

One stop furniture shop

It was after a very long time that we decided to renovate our house.It was a very interesting experience to search for all furniture online.As always my search led me to this amazing site had a huge collection of everything I wanted ranging from living room furnitures,beds,sofas etc.The most striking feature was the user friendliness of the portal which had the products listed under various clear categories making it very easy for the customers to make their choice.Another really good feature was that they offer free shipping for every purchase.

My favorite items on display were the dinette sets ,the living room sofa,microfiber sofa and ofcourse the dog beds for my pet dog.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Product design and development

For every organisation in business the process of identifying customer needs is vital for development.The process is very important for the welfare of the company because and it is those organisations that can carry this out well that sustain for a very long duration.Otherwise its very difficult to sustain in this really competitive atmosphere of cut throat competition and greed.
Today the focus is more on withstanding the competition from within.If you can win yourselves then it means you can compete with anyone and any high standards.Its all the fire from within that drives the business of this modern world.Money and its aroma rule the corporate world of today.