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Friday, November 28, 2008

A How to/How not to guide to land in a core job

Well Im not the CEO of Naukri to give an expert opinion on jobs,but am sure I can provide some real life accounts.Of course it is my blog and my choice of topics...:).Campus jobs have become so common that almost everyone lands in a job.We may opt to pursue it and excel in it,but there are some who want to stretch further looking for core jobs that would satisfy them.It may rather be a satisfaction in terms of salary or satisfaction interests and both in some lucky cases.Here are few tips,cant term these as tips,maybe some steps that I took to land up in a core job.
1)Google is your best friend
Keep searching for job titles that you dream.It may be a random search for example say,'Research Engineer' or a 'Embedded Engineer' etc etc.You get a lucky result allways.No wonder Google people spend days and nights to better their algorithm.Believe in technology and things it offers to you.Even in case you arent lucky enough,you atleast get to know what really is happening outside your college.

2)Keep your eyes open
The Fortune magazine lists the Fortune 500 list of companies every year with classifications for each field and this means you get a list of 500 companies to apply to.Sounds ambitious.Yes it is.Freshersworld , Naukri etc have huge lists of companies and clients displayed in their sites and each list is a place where you can fish out your choice.It is not just the net,company names pop out everywhere.People say when in you are in love,the world looks beautiful and likewise when you are hunting for a job every thing must be seen as an oppurtunity.Buses,cars,watches,mobiles,PCs,speakers,advertisements,etc etc that we come across are immense sources of companies to which we can apply.All bear a brand name ,dont they?Believe me,once I searched for '3M' ,the brand that was printed on my cellophane tape rail and found it to be a huge multi billion dollor organisation.When I say 'open your eyes' ,it applies to the ears too.The chances of hearing a company name are so frequent.Invariably every company site has a career section and what fascinates people like me is that it is absolutely free. :0

3)Market yourself:
The ultimate weapon in the search of an off campus job is your resume.This single paper can take you places.Professors,one good lunch and the ambience of the college can speak for you in on campusses.But outside only the resumes count.Make them as impressive as possible.It never bores to be proud and be proud when framing your resume.

4)Understand the reality:
You follow step 2 and apply to Texas Instruments.Never check your mail box the next day for a mail from TI that says"Dear xxx ,we are pleased with your resume.Start asap with your baggage to TI and your salary is 10lakhs per annum".That never happens.It can never.We are not Eiensteins and we are not from IITs for all this to happen.Keep trying.Gmail is now unlimited.So never bother.

5)Call your old friend:
Its people all around you.Atleast some are your friends and atleast a few of those are in the area of your interest.Be in touch with them coz in core many jobs are fetched by references.It may be your senior,neighbour,lover etc etc.

6)Be ready for the other side:
An off campus job search may lead you to a dream core job ,but it may not allways fill your packets as you would expect it to.You must be ready for compromises.Also be ready for a life as a solo lion.In campus jobs ,you get the luxury of a college life Part 2,with friends and girl friends.It is not so in core.In most cases you get to join alone.The worst part is ,it is all people in 30s and 40s around you in job.No more crushes and blushes.All see a fresher as a baby.

Now justifying the title- I did all this and landed up in core so it is a How To Guide in my case.Try it and if you dont,read it again as a How Not To.