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Saturday, January 3, 2009

The translation of my poem

Its really a happy feeling to get your poem translated to other languages.My first poetry attempt in Tamil was translated to English.The translator is a person whom you all love and I adore him to a great extent.Will reveal his name later.My attempts of rhyming and few places of philosophy that I tried in my native language might be missing though.

Now to the translation

A garden and some dew drops

Those drops on the roses glitter in your eyes as forms of beauty .Beneath your feet are the rest which have fallen in the wrong place.Even man is the same-falling and rising are the part of life
Its ,where and when of your fall that speaks of YOU even after your times.

The real YOU is in the way you rise up from the ashes.Mohandas who fell in a platform stood up as Gandhi.Narendran who fell in a beach stood up as Vivekananda.Edison who fell a thousand times stood up as the father of electricity.If they had not,pages of history would have been a lot different.When you fall and rise back,u rewrite a page in the history.

He who touches the clouds from an aeroplane is a man.The great man is the one who leaps from where he stands to the clouds.It was the fall of a meteor that triggered the origin of life
Seeds not only fall ,they also get buried to rise up as mighty trees.Its not just the sweets that make a complete feast-both the sweet n the sour are needed.Even life is a feast.

When you admire your face in the mirror you fail to notice the shadow behind .Life's the same.In the smile of your victory there is some one's defeat and vice versa.When some one talented emerges you taste your defeat.Grow your talents in a way that you can never be defeated.

Even before the first drop of tears due to your losses touch the ground ,you must have climbed up to the next step in your attempts.There are thousand others to brood over loses.Atleast in this you are not a one in thousand.When you lose rejoice over the fact that you have found some one to win over.


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