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Saturday, March 14, 2009

What to post?

Am desperately searching for a topic to post I have something ready??Yess...My resume.:)..removed some personal information though,,,


Mobile- 9962801647


Hmm...dont want someone to copy this part from mine..:)


· B.E in Electronics and Communication Engineering , with 80.00% aggregate in 2008.(1st semester -8th semester)

· 12th std in some School, Chennai ,with 93.33% in the year 2004

· Standard 10 CBSE in same School with 92.4% in the year 2002


  • School topper in Standard 10 CBSE examinations.
  • School topper in Tamil in Standard 10 CBSE examinations.
  • Received Ranga Memorial Trust Award for outstanding academics in schooling.


  • PIC Programming using MikroC
  • Basics of C
  • ALP for 8085
  • Circuit design using Proteus
  • Circuit design using ORCAD
  • PCB Design tools
  • FPGA using QUARTUS
  • Front end design using Visual Studio


· Joined Siemens Building Technologies Private Limited as a Graduate Engineer Trainee on July 15,2008 and was promoted as to R&D department as Embedded Engineer.

· Work involves embedded programming with ARM9 ,ARM7,Zilog architectures,CPLD programming, Analog and digital circuit design,ORCAD,Layout design, Firmware and front end development.

· Developed extremely efficient power supply modules ,load circuits,relay boards for Siemens .

· Designed and developed the front end interface using Visual Studio,firmware,test codes and procedures for Siemens products and functional test fixtures.



· Presented technical papers at IIT Madras ,NIT Trichy,Anna University

· Presented the paper “Smart Glove” in the “International Conference of Ergonomists”, held in Banglore,India.

· The paper has been selected for presentation in numerous International Conferences including IEEE conference and journal selection.

· My paper on “Dynamic Hand Gesture Recognition” fetched prizes in over 20 colleges.

· Presented a paper “Exoskeleton to enhance human abilities “ in Anna University

· My paper “Dynamic Gesture Recognition to Provide Artificial Vocal Ability to the Dumb “ has been selected for presentation in various International Conferences.

· My paper “Smart Glove-An Embedded system based human computer interface system” was widely acclaimed and appreciated and fetched prizes in many national level technical symposiums.

· Achievements of the project ‘Smart Glove’ cited in leading Tamil Daily Dinamalar.


· Designed and fabricated a robot for the robotics competition at NIT Trichy and Anna University

· Took part in robotics competitions in many affiliated colleges

· Have designed line follower, maze solver, soccerbot and water polo robots


· Completed Line follower robot, Sumo robot, Water soccer robot, obstacle avoider .

· The Smart Glove project has won prizes in project presentation event in many national level technical symposiums.

· ‘Smart glove’ has won the best student project award of the ECE Department.

· “DATA GLOVE IMPLEMENTATION USING HALL EFFECT SENSORS USING PIC MICRO CONTROLLERS” whose proto type has been developed and proposed for funding from Tamilnadu state government.

· Developed an autonomous robotic vehicle with obstacle avoiding, target following and self parking capabilities.


· INVOBOT Robotics Workshop conducted in Loyola College.

· Inplant training in BSNL RGMTTC.

· Inplant training in MINDSTORM GLOBAL TECHNOLOGIES, Chennai



· Student Chairman and Secretary of the ECE

· Captained the department Kabaddi team to victory in the Intra Collegiate Sports.

· Was the event coordinator for the ECE Department symposium ANREGEN and UTKRISHTA

· Troop leader for Chatrabathi Sivaji Scout Troop (100 members)in school level and received awards.



· Won in over 25 colleges in dumbc competitions including INSTINCTS 2007.


· Won quiz competitions both in school and college level.


· Won adzap events in college level.


· Won elocution, essay, drawing competitions, handwriting competitions.


· Won Inter School Science Exhibition held at Sankara Vidyalaya, Chennai.


· Winner of the intra collegiate Kabaddi cup in 2007,2008 .

· Captain of the kabaddi team.

· Runner up in volleyball at zonal level.

· Represented the college in TIES and zonal level competitions.

· Won prizes in volleyball and shot-put in school level.


· Member of IETE, ISECE.


Robotics, practical electronics, embedded systems, presentations and seminars.


AGE: 21


DOB: 4-8-86

HOBBIES: Books, browsing, numismatics,


· English ,Tamil – Read, Write and Speak

· Hindi ,Sanskrit – Read, Write

· Telugu – Speak


DATE : 9/12/2008



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