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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Drive away

My boss had planned this vacation for over an year.It was his way to beat stress.I had to help him out on this European trip.I had got everything right and the only thing I had not thought about was the car hire plan.I had completely overlooked it till the last moment.It struck me when there was barely few days left.It was when I found this site.
It was a complete portal with updates from all leading car rental car suppliers in Europe and Italy Car Hire.
I could search for all dealers entering the pick up date,location,number of passengers,the rates, availability etc in a single click.It was user friendly,reliable and extremely trusted.It saved me from a huge embarrassment and my Boss was obviously satisfied with the service.


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Cruise said...

Sounds like your boss had a nice trip. I have been to several countries in Europe but have not yet been to Italy. I'll bet it's beautiful!

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