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Thursday, November 5, 2009

The day of ghosts

Every year my workplace gears up in full vigour for this day.Just take a guess.Would it be our board meeting?Our boss's birthday?Auditing?None of these.Its the halloween day.We just do not know why,but this day ever since the first day of inaugration,this particular day by some means has brought all excitement,fun and interest in usually dull and professional office atmosphere.Every year its the duty of one employee to select and purchase halloween costumes for every one participating.One might imagine the complexity of this task considering the fact that each oen has his own idea,his tastes ,likes ,dislikes ,priorities and preferences.
More difficult is finding the coreect size for a typically over size man/women.I had a real headache in finding a good source of halloween costumes as this year was my turn and I had a very little time to spare for this activity.
My search led me to this site.This I can easily claim to be the best source I had found so far. I suppose any further search cannot lead me to a better site .It had the largest online collection for men,women,children and even babies.
One could chose from the normal and the sexy varieties that were available and the selection was a easy task because they had a very good display catelogue.Every thing needed for a halloween right from accesories to decoration items was found.My favorite was this Angel Halloween costumes and no wonder it had a very great demand.Oen thing to note is that every piece is of very good quality and easily affordable.Beneath each product there is a very easy way to shop online and also a cool notification facility to inform us in case something is not available.
I have decided that this site would be the ultimate place for any event that I may host in future.