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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Get Hacked

Getting hacked makes u feel so special..I have been many times with my frnds playing with my gmail and messenger passwords.So if u want to join the "ive been hacked " group of very important persons ,,then choose your mail passwords to be one among these..the list of most common passwords all over the world.

1. '123' (3.784‰):

S..indeed intelligent but very common

2. 'password' (3.780‰)

I know atleast 3 persons with this password

3. 'liverpool' (1.82‰)

The indian version mayb sachin

4. 'letmein' (1.76‰)

No idea what this is

5. '123456' (1.63‰)

A bit more of intelligence

6. 'qwerty' (1.41‰)

Indeed a east pick

7. 'charlie' (1.39‰)

Seems this is a common name

8. 'monkey' (1.33‰)

The first 6 letter word that comes into mind for many of us..

9. 'arsenal' (1.11‰)

Rnt der many football lovers?

10. 'thomas,arvind,ajay etc etc ' (0.99‰)..i..e ur name

The most common according to me

Google for the complete list

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