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Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Cook In Me..

I have always been a good eater and of late the cook in me sprang up to life..the physics involved in dosas ,the artistry in samosas etc have always fascinated me...but whenever ive tried to cook something i get chased out of the kitchen.Maybe the ladies in my home are afraid of my talents.
And who says interest is enough to achieve things??all my attempts in serious cooking have ended up in vain.Perhaps theres much more involved in this than mere interest-the right recipe,utensils,timing,ingredients,quality all seem to play a role in this..
My friend Dhivya today gave me this wonderful link to aid me in ...this site provides excellent demos of numerous Indian recipes with videos and clear explanations .For those who dont want their preparations to end up before dogs or cats,,do visit the site...

1 comment:

Radha said...

hope u will soon make some interesting (veg) dish and bring to coll for ur frnds.. ;)