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Friday, February 8, 2008

Mint money from your blog

"Life is beautiful"...yes indeed when you can make easy cash for doing something you love the most.Blogging is the buzz word of the modern world with thousands of avid bloggers updating thier blogs with passion.Here is an opportunity to make money from your provides a very reliable way to earn while you blog.
Suppose you boast of a standard blog with regular updates and can claim to have a good readership and internet traffic your blog can be registered at
An expert committee reviews your blog and if its found to be worthy enough in terms of content and traffic the blog is accepted as a part of the Blogvertise Adservice.
Once your blog is accepted then comes the job you will cherish--"blogging".Blogvertise provides you with 'tasks' which are nothing but products or websites about which you have to write about in your blog.You get paid proportional to the number of tasks you complete in the stipulated time.The interesting point here is that you can be a very honest critic and not merely a flaterer.You can very well discuss the pros and cons in a neutral manner.All payments are made via paypal .Well so if you have a good blog flaunt it.Earn money from what you are best at.

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