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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Black Friday - not so black

Black Friday - the name may suggest otherwise ,but for many people around the world this day is a very colorful one indeed.Particularly for the shopping freaks who tend to feast on discounts and special offers, this day is an ideal suit.
Black friday is the day after the thanksgiving , and before christmas when almost all the major retailers around the world,announce meaty discounts on their products to kick start the christmas shopping frenzy.These black friday discounts are mutually beneficial for both the dealers and the customers hence there is a very good possiblity that the dealer gets a very good sales and the customer gets the best product at the fairest prize.
The advertisements about the black friday offers are often kept secrets until they are revealed in the Thanksgiving day newspapers.This is done to prevent the mad rush which may cause over demand.Once the information spreads there is no stopping in this modern age.The fittest get the best deals.So black friday site aims to provide us an edge over others by actually letting us know the best of the offers that are available on that day.The site consists of a huge compilation of all the black friday ads sorted according to the manufacturer.
One other very major advantage is that the site also gives direct links to all products enabling us to buy products online thereby cutting out the huge queues and hours of waiting.The site has a very huge list of retailers sorted alphabetically.I could not actually resist the deals and ads over there and my endless list of shpping has grown further but this time to my profit and advantage.

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