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Thursday, May 15, 2008

My day today

Today was a day full of emotions.Emotions from my friends,professors,HOD and from my part as well.Today we were issued our Transfer Certificates a very customary indication that we were now officially graduates and that meant our day to day relationship with our college was over and we are going to miss all the fun and the moments we cherished with our friends in the college.
There were hugs ,handshakes and the "dont forget me" dialogues and I was moved as well.Me being a very stable person very rarely feel dull and today was one day something made me dull and silent the whole day.Though we had the usual fun of shouting in the corridors,kicking friends,getting kicked,teasing the poor ones etc there was this element of an uncertainity that afterall this may be the final moments of fun with friends ,was there.
I think everyone felt the same.There where many interesting assumptions that were made as well.When some boy or girl stood alone in the corridor it was assumed thet he/she was waiting to speak with her/him resp.Finally we received our funny group photo where I had preplanned my spot so that I would appear a bit taller.It seemed to be out of focus and I had almost fallen asleep before the camera.

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