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Friday, May 30, 2008

Your style your way

Talking of style icons,persons who make a fashion statement that the rest of the world follows,one person stands tall very significantly in the minds of every Indian.It is none other than Jawaharlal Nehru whose costumes and the style he sported started the dress code of an entire generation of politicians all over India.I wonder if there could be anyone else in the world who had more followers than Nehru interms of the dress code.Even today decades after his death there are numerous people who follow his dress code with the aim of making it big in the Indian political arena.Even his hat seems to have hit the jackpot becoming the symbol of a huge section of the society.This is evident from the numerous caricatures and cartoons where a simple hat very evidently resembles Nehru.
To me fashion and style have always been something alien.I sport a simple jean shorts with a simpler t-shirt always when in home.The costume when I go outside is rather a formal suit.My wardrobe also consists of sweatshirts,jerseys,tracks and sleeves which come in handy in my sports and gym activities.
There arent many like me who are least bothered about fashion.Dockers has announced a contest for those fashion freaks and enthusiasts to actually portray their fashion statements in the form of an ad for Dockers contest.The Dockers contest requires the participants to actually produce a short commercial featuring Dockers and their fashion statement whcih they aim to make it big.Exciting prizes are for the grab.Hurry up ,shoot for the world to see what you think to be hot and happening.

Sponsored by Dockers

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