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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Cisco - for a great career

The world today is full of competition and to survive and flourish in this fierce competition one needs to have that extra edge over others.The survival tactics involves the acquisition of supreme skills in the technology domain that one is involved in.As a communications engineering fresher,for me to get into the top tier companies required a lot of hard work and also the survival there was to tough.Later I learnt from my friends about the Cisco Certification programs that the very famous and established giant Cisco provides to professionals and students.These career certifications increase one's profile value making them more skillful and employable and these people are great assets to any organisation and obviously are in great demand.
The demands of the industry are varied and so are certifications,that range from three different levels-associate ,professional and expert.There are also a wide range of career paths like Routing and Switching, Network Security, and Service Provider etc that can be selected according to one's industry requirements.This focussed in the core areas of the industry is very essential in developing one's skill sets in the view of long term growth and development.Both general and specialist certifications are provided for the taking.The demand for these can be understood from the fact that recently the 1 millionth certificate was issued by Cisco.
My friend was the best example for how a Cisco crtification could change one's life.He was one ordinary professional and the moment he was cisco certified ,his life was on a high.He was flooded with offers and hikes and now he is leading a huge team of professionals with a high success rate and a heavy pay package.I am now pursuing my course for a Cisco certification.

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Chindu's biography said...

Ah.. An Eye opener write up.. Only for ECE realted courses??

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