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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Sentimental?Am I?

Considering the sort of a person I am,its really surprising to actually know how sentimental and superstitious I am in life.I have never really considered my selves as one ,until I made a careful assessment of my habits.
I cannot live without doing certain things in daily,or else I feel really restless.One is knocking or atleast touching the door of every room I come out.All do it while entering and I do it while coming out.If I miss any,I go back,touch the door and them return to what I was doing.One other habit is counting my fingers every night before sleeping.Just a simple touch of all other fingers with my thumb and only then I try to sleep.
A few of these sentiments caught up during my college life.Everyday when I cycle to the bus stand,I feel low in spirits if I dont come across certain people(I wont tell you who they are) and one particular auto with a name (that I wont reveal) written on it.If I happen to see them ,the rest of my day remains cheerful.One habit which my friends say that I had planned on purpose is getting a person's notes xeroxed.Any subject ,if I get a feeling that it would be too tough for me to handle,I get a girl's notes photocopied and everytime I start my preparation I start with those notes.Honestly it wasnt planned but rather worked out very well every semester.I dont claim that I passed only because of those notes,but it was a sort of a morale booster.
I wonder what would join in this list when I start going to a job.


subhashssm said...

romba over da.which girl do u constantly get the noes from?i have my serious doubts.arvind look at the world around you full of girls.u have to identify them correctly -difference between subramni and other girls.beware!ana yarta irunthu ne nota vangara?

Anonymous said...

sentimental.... you sure are... one of the things you forgot to mention is the occasional knock on the wemens room... hahaha...