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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Mobile dangers

Numerous reports seem to be out everyday on this topic.The most convincing one dealing with every issue that may be concerned with a mobile related health issue was out and I got a chance to go through it.
It says that though prolonged use may aggravate the risk of cancer,the mobile radiation is not strong enough to cause cancer.Long term use may also result in brain tumours and chances are more fro ear tumours.What is more alarming is the effect on the brain's protective barrier that may cause Parkinson's in the future.An of course there is a very obvious thing which is deafness and that we experience in many cases practically.Sleeplessness seems to be another thing that may be caused and i have experienced it my self and also in the case of mu friends.
I was taken aback that these radiations could cause sterility too,lowering the sperm count,quality and motility.Children may have stress related hyperactivity,learning and concentration problems.Too much trouble than one can handle.But who cares?

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