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Monday, July 14, 2008


Never get distracted is what we hear from everyone when we enter the college or a job.Dont know why people suppose that there are Mallika Sherawat's everywhere around us trying to distract us from our otherwise very concentrated mindset.I have always got the feeling that the most beautiful girls are always seniors,juniors,from other college,from other tuitions or other gyms or other offices.None around us anywhere.I dont know if its my assumption or is it the same way the whole world feels.I am not surprised even if girls feel the same way about boys.
I have a feeling that distractions are needed for the spice in life.Any work in my life,without some sort of a distraction or a divertion has never been a tremendous success.Only those jobs where I am distracted atleast to some extent prove to be great ones.May be it is the wandering mind that comes up with the best of the ideas.