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Friday, April 11, 2008


The part one was based on the prize money...and this part will be on the next most attractive feature in any symposium...that which adds colour to the dullest of the surroundings...of course the beautiful girls....Your symposium may be the worst ever but a beautiful girl with a charming smile can make ppl forget all the problems....

Here is the rating from what I have observed:

1)SRM Deemed,MOB Vaish
2)Meenakshi Sundararajan
4)St Josephs
6)MNM Jain

But invariably the 2004-2008 seems to be a little impressive compared to seniors and juniors..

People dont get offended by this....take it as a compliment if your college is der or consider me unlucky for not having noticed u if ur college is not there...

1 comment:

Praveen said...

LOL! How did my college (MNM Jain) come in 6th place in your list? No way! Not much hot babes in my college! Boring place! I have been here 4 yrs, just passed out this month, and I assure you there are better colleges with awesome babes!