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Monday, June 30, 2008

Cookies for mummies

Think of this.Suppose we want to earn some money, we men can venture out to find a suitable job for us.We can work anywhere doing any sort of work ,however hard the labour involved is.But think of mothers who have given birth to children.It may even be a few years since their child was born but still they will be weak and cannot afford to venture out without taking care of their babies.Babies are one great treasures in life and whenever I get to see a baby,I become extremely happy.I love babies.So think of mothers.Will they have the will to be away from their own babies?A very tough task.So what if they want to earn some money for their living?
What if they find sitting in home to be hurting their esteem.What if they wish to earn some money to show others that they can be independent?What if they feel that their freedom to spend is lost because they are not earning now?That would be really hurting sentiments for a modern lady of today's world.Today women are equally or actually more talented than men in every aspect and a brief period of mother hood should not dampen their spirits and their capacity to earn and make money.
Socialspark is here with a solution for mommy bloggers.SocialSpark provides blog and earn oppurtunities so that they can earn with what they love and what they do best-blogging.They can join the mailing list and create an account and once their blog is approved they can earn with their blogs while they take care of children in their homes.

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