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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

News Fatigue

This term was in news recently.Even before I read what it is I was sure it has got to do something with youngsters and I was sure.It says that young adults who seem to have been inundated by facts and updates from the numerous media options like the emails ,news channels,mobile messages,dailies and also rumours and gossips seem to have troubles in accessing in depth stories.
This I think is a very common problem among us. Atleast I am happy that am not one of the victims,I am now seeing many who seemed to have fallen prey.Having spent some time with many of my friends in the recent past I bet atleast 50% of then have this problem.No one with whom I have watched a news channel seemed to be interested in a news item after it is broadcast in the flash or as a headline.All seem to switch between headlines in different channels with the press of a remote.
So is the case with the sms messages.The first line for most of them is enough to make them disinterested.The message then rests in trash.Ages are gone when we used to see folded papers read over and over again.This trend is catching up on the media too with agencies fuelling research to identify trends which may attract the younger generation.

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I agree with you 100%, in today's world, people hardly care about what's happening around them. My friend was watching this show, Roadies, and in it the girls were asked who the president of India is, and none of them could answer. I sure am happy I'm not one of them either.

Real good entry!! thumbs up!