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Thursday, June 12, 2008

One thing I wanted to be

In my four years of engineering education me as a student,as a leader ,as a team member have tasted numerous successes.The failures were few and nothing major in life.But one thing I regret to this day is my inablity to pursue my career as a doctor.The doctor profession or rather the doctor service has always fascinated me.I seldom admire people as a whole,rather I tend to admire certain qualities in all people.An exception are the doctors.Every doctor is a marvel,a wonder,a treasure and everything thats good in the world.As an engineer I have handled circuits,devices and equipments that are very expensive and every time I wonder how the doctors who handle the most valuable human lives on earth manage to maintain their composure and professional excellence in times of extreme stress and strain.Whenever I start soldering or when I hold equipments in my hand a voice in my mind rings ,"Arvind ,dont drop it"...and this adds to my tension.Imagine the situation of a doctor in a similar situation but with a greater and direct impact on someone's life.
Whenever I think of just two classes of people ,my mind is full of respect,I wish I should stand up.The first are my teachers in school and other -the doctors.Ive always loved people who are responsible,bold,intelligent and in a position with lots of power and needs to make crucial decisions.I have the urge to be one.A doctor is one person with all these built in.A perfect blend of every quality I love.
In my eyes all doctors appear like Gods and Angels.Whenever I visit a doctor ,I am left speechless.My mind goes blank for brief instants whenever I meet someone I love,respect,admire a lot and it does everytime I see a doctor.

Medicine is the only profession that labours incessantly to destroy the reason for its own existence. ~James Bryce, 1914.

Isnt this a really great thing.Every doctor strives to cure and eliminate diseases but for whose existence the profession itself would perish.I wish I could have been a doctor.I missed out this career due to minor lapses in my entrance exams.The lapses are minor ,but major considering what I have lost.Anyway I have my friends pursuing M.B.B.S...Eagerly waiting to see them graduate.Atleast then I can very proudly say that my friend is a doctor.


Kathi Kuthu Karthik said...

yaraiyo cover panna parkura nu mattum theriyudhu. yaaR andha aaal?

Anonymous said...

if its your passion then I would suggest you should go about it.
there are many on this earth who even don't know what their passion is.
so, you are lucky one .. now live you life to pursue your passion.

Anonymous said...

The grass is always greener on the other side. we do not value what we have..we always crave for things which we do not have.

Sundar said...

Doctor ah? Padichi mudikarthukulaye vayasaayidume da...

Chumma sonnaen..

Everybody has dreams... I wanted to become a pilot (Or open the batting for India at Lord's :D ). Not all ambitions are fulfilled. Some roads, once taken, have no turning back.

Suresh Kumar said...

romba feel pannatha mappla.... ask R1 to help you out...

aparna sivakumar said...

well said ra arava.. their service means lots to ppl.we have to be proud tat our classmates r gonna b future specialist.. and dont forget .. namba ellarukum "elavasa maruthuvam" he he he.. so.. hats off!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Aravind!
Hats off to u 4 the passion that u've shown. It encourages future docs like us. Thanx a lot 4 the same. All the best 4 ur future.

SACHIN said...

hey aravind....
i am mbbs student and it feels great to read ur post.....its really encouraging for a first year med student like me...

Anonymous said...

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