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Saturday, June 7, 2008

The window seat...

Take me to any place in the world-anyway by train,bus,car,ship,submarine,aeroplane thing I would demand is a window seat i.e a seat adjacent to the window during travel.I dont have any idea why but I am becoming obsessed with the window seat of late.Kids ofcourse love the window seat but to term myselves,a 21 year old as a kid is too much even though its my blog.
Window seats offer a never ending list of comforts in travel.The burst of air that constantly you get across your face when you gaze out,once in a life time glimpses of scenery across the road side,occasional drizzles that wake you up when you feel drowsy and the joy of reading the signboards along the road and to share this piece of information with others with a tone as if you had visited these places already cannot be explained but has to be experienced in person.You are the first one to open your eyes to the golden rays of sunrise and also the first one to hit the dreams ,dozing off with the cool breeze.
I experienced all this in our recent tour to Kerala.In addition to all the above there are other comforts as well.For a person like me who has never used a comb in life ,the wind is the natural hairstylist and it suits me the best.Also I developed a good timepass there during the long road trips by bus.It may sound stupid but try it and ull understand that its not.Waving hands to strangers along side the road is what I am talking about.Its not just the hands ,it involves the entire body...a smiling face and a curious expression in eyes admiring the beauty of the land as a guest are needed to get back the gesture from the people along side the road.In Kerala my hit ratio was almost 100% ,I got back whatever I delivered.I had made quite a few interesting observations as well.Beautiful girls,women and children return the gesture very happily waving their hands with delight ,welcoming with a broad smile.But its the men who never attempt to do it.None of the men I waved to ,waved back at me.I wonder if I look like a person who has come all the way from Tamil Nadu to steal their goats or set their fields on fire.Their expressions said so,either a stare, a frown or an angry look.
I may sound silly ,but try it .You will know how nice it is to be greeted by someone who has never seen you before or for that matter youll never see again.But everything has its limitations.Jumping all over the place and scaring people or staring at women like a villager staring at a candy shop must be avoided.Be decent ,enjoy the experience.


Kathi Kuthu Karthik said...

i know how you wer payed back by a little girl when you did the same greeting job in delhi. But still its a good feeling when you get back a smile from unknown persons. Next time lemme try to say hi to beautiful girls on the road and post what i get in my blog

arvind said...

its not just beautiful girls da....
wish all.