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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Random thoughts

Yet another idle day and this means the world is missing out the contribution of a genius.This is my blog and a place where I can safely claim to be a genius.Talking about a genius I never get to admit that I have seen one.According to me I am the most intelligent in the world.Its the same in every one's case ,I think so.If not ,then I get a step closer to being a genius because atleast I had the will to be one. People say where there is a will there is a way.Even where isnt a will, of course there is a way ,but where there is a will there are many ways.For a person like me ,there are many wills.My mind never stays fixed on to one particular thought.There is a random drift from one thought process to another and I am very happy that I get to achieve it.
I recommend you to actually try it.It brings an enchanted smile across your lips.There is one danger of losing focus on the most important work you are supposed to do.All this comes from years of practice.You need to spill your arrows all over and yet hit the target bull's eye.Rather than focussing on one particular target,for me I see multiple targets.This is the way I have dealt with the things in life.This brings up lots of adaptablity in your approach.I was destined to be a doctor ,but ended up being an enginner.Had I not been an engineer I would have been a historian.If not a historian I would have been a lecturer.I detest nothing and so my scopes are larger.Whatever I am in I am confident of creating impressions.Every journey has its benefits.If its shorter you get to reach the destination soon and if its longer you get to enjoy the ride and if its something in the mid way you get the benefits of both the longer and shorter journeys.