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Monday, June 9, 2008

You have the looks??

Life is great...ofcourse for all of us..but it is greater for those who are beautiful and have loads of money.So do you think you are beautiful and you can walk up the ramps with super models in the fashion capitals of the world- New York,Paris and Milan?
has come up with a great contest for the wannabe stars of the fashion world.Log on to the site,create and account and upload that photo in which you feel you look the best.The look of the year is for all those young,beautiful ,aspiring models.

Its not just a lucrative career ,but also a whopping USD 10000 that attracts every potential contestant.Its the confidence that matters the most and who knows may be one among you would be the winner and you would take me with you to a life among the most good looking people in the world.

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