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Monday, June 30, 2008

Eye care

People always choose the frames that they find nice-looking. There are no certain rules to follow. Generally there are two types of colors – orange-based warm colors and blue-based cool colors. Most of people like choosing the frames that match their skin tones to show their personalities.

(1) How to select the frame that matches your skins tone?
Generally speaking, whether to choose a light or dark frame depends on what your skin tone is. Choosing a frame color that is consistent with your skin tone is always safe. For example, pink, gold and silver are suitable for pale skins, and darker skins should choose the red or black ones. Shell can go with both.

(2) How to select the frame that matches your age?Cool colors are not suitable for elderly people. For those people purple and red are recommended for plastic or plank material frames and gold, silver and titanium white are recommended for the metal ones. Young people always go after the trends, so there are no limitations on the color choices. They can choose any color they want and it won’t look over the top on them. Lastly, the light frames are suitable for kids because the dark frames will look too mature on them.