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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Your luck has been completely changed today!

This is what my profile said today...If this is true then this today would be the most terrible for me.I say this coz Ive always felt ive been a very lucky person in life.Be it in personal,academic,career ,social etc ive been lucky to get what i deserved.
Ive been i the best of schools where I was treated to be a very special child and i relish every moment of my school life.My friends in school ,college and also outside have been numerous and they have always been very good to me.I never remember any incident in my life where i was insulted or treated badly by any of my friends perhaps except one such experience in my college.
Speaking of academics comes my real luck.I never study too much sitting for hours together with books.But still its the luck factor that attributes to my academic ,co and extra curricular successes so far.
Ive been happy throughout my life ..hope this continues for ever...

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