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Monday, April 14, 2008

Color it green

Green is one color that is vanishing from Chennai is a rapid pace.With numerous trees being cut for widening roads and raising flats ,not far are the days when Chennai would be devoid of any greenery whatsoever.
Campaigns in this regard are numerous.Celebrities whose mansions tower over acres of land which were once filed with trees raise slogans and war cries for this battle which is slowly becoming a long lost one.
Recently this ad caught my attention.It was about a Sapling exhibition at Alliance Francaise auditorium ,Chennai.Everything as a baby looks beautiful.Trees are an exception.They are beautiful as saplings and also as fully grown ones.The exhibition claims to portray 30 message photographs of tree saplings with captions hopes to kindle the spirit of green among Chennai people.Hope this is a success.

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sandya said...

Good thought...!!!