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Monday, April 14, 2008

Todays fortune series

Everything will now come your way......this seems to be one fortune every user would love to see.It has been two days since this appeared in my profile and the servers never seemed to have considered my profile for a change.Maybe they consider this would boost up my already lucky days.
This has been true in many cases for me.I as said many times before have led a lucky life.Great family,greater friends,good school,good college etc etc
Many things seem to have come my way very easily without much of a hardwork.Thats what i fel seeing and comparing my way and style of work with others.Will elaborate more on this ,what ive earned by luck in the future posts.
Btw exams are nearing and that doesnt mean i would be busy studying and my blog would become idle.I ve been trying hard to comcentrate on my books for a while now.This has become a difficult task nowadays.

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