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Monday, April 14, 2008

Smorty - a smart way to earn..

Blogging is my passion and so it is to many.Even passion needs to be fuelled with money to keep it alive in my case.I think many will agree to it.Particularly as a student we need some cash and to earn it ,jobs dont come in handy.
Smorty is an ideal earning tool for me with an unique blog for money concept it promises a sturdy source of income for regular bloggers when they review certain products assigned to them by smorty and post the article in their blog.They get paid for blogging and blog advertising.
Its not only the bloggers but also the advertisers who can request the bloggers to review their product and advertise on blogs and pay them for their goos work.The reviews need not be biased .Honest and true comments are also welcome.The account in smorty can be created for free.All you need is a good blog that meets their eligibility criteria .
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