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Friday, April 11, 2008

I blog I earn

I have been blogging regularly for sometime now and happy for my visitor count increasing daily.Never had i imagined that I would get an opportunity to earn money even before I join my job after my graduation.
This is a world full of opportunities for those who are ready to work and one such great option has been provided by PayPerPost very fondly now known as PPP in the blog network.The best thing about PPP is that it is very easily accessible even to beginners and relatively new bloggers.All thats required is a passion towards blogging and a minimum of 10 posts in the past 30 days.Of course in future when your page ranks and stuff improve you get to earn more when you get more tasks from PPP.This wonderful site is actually quite popular among the bloggers all over the world and can also act as a platform for interaction.I am new to this and hoping to make new friends ,improve my blog and of course earn money.
The one fact that attracted me into this was the posts need not be flattering and full of sugar coated words ringing all praises to the product.The views can also be neutral, letting the true nature of the product to be discussed upon.
Am hoping to make the best use of this .Happy Blogging.

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