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Tuesday, April 8, 2008


As is the case with many colleges TCS was the first to visit our college....
We had lots of time to prepare and do research on previous year questions and patterns...
Loads and loads of question papers were available on the net to be downloaded and practised.
Google for placement material and ull end up with tonnes,,

The TCS selection pattern last year was as follows...

Computer based apti test with three seperate timed sections per sitting.The sections as always were Quants,Verbal and Critical(otherwise known as logical) and no sectional cut off...

A fairly easy one depending upon the panel that interviews u..

Supposed to be a casual happening but this was where all filtering took place..

The TCS selection pattern is supposed to be a very easy one coz tcs recruits in bulks...
For the quants section we r supposed to finish off with the basic chapters in R.S.Agarwal and then most importantly solve the previous year papers of TCS....This is more important than R.S in many cases.
The verbal section was very tough ,but was a cakewalk for GRE aspirants...The GRE wordlist helps a lot..but the trick here is since there in no sectional cut off u can escape without preparing this part,leaving it to the Gods to shower luck upon you.
The critical reasoning is the most challenging part setting the TCS test apart from other companies.You need to have good time management skills and without that u would end up leaving most of the questions untouched.GRE material like barrons helps again....particularly the barrons 12the edition's critical reasoning section.

  • I never practised the previous year papers
  • I hated the word list
  • TCS apti i felt was boring
  • The shower of luck never really happened in verbal section
The fact that i din clear the apti dint bother me much coz the moment i saw a few previous year papers i had realized that i wasnt made for this kind of an apti test...i loved other kind of problems.

U can access my apti and verbal collections at:

Here's the link for barrons 12th edition:

*****Disclaimer : All the facts posted here depend on the patterns till case of any change this year the author is not responsible


Kathi Kuthu Karthik said...

nice post da.... it will surely help our juniors to do well in d placements nd lets hope for more placement record than ours...... keep doin d good work....

日月神教-任我行 said...


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