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Monday, April 14, 2008

UFO Gaga - A networking site with a difference

When I was a child few things amused me a lot.The list includes sachins smile,simrans dance and finally the UFOs.Unidentified they may be but still they haunt the dreams of scientists and children alike.Featured in numerous movies and serials ,anything that involves an UFO is an instant hit considering the interest people express in this mystery.

Who would not love to see some spectacle like this?This is what prompted me in my previous post on UFOs in India.
There is lots of science and information sharing involved in this.Social Network about Paranormal is one such site that tends to make this simpler.Here people can actually
unite to discuss ,share and comment on UFOs and numerous other paranormal activities that occur in this earth.Among the participants are scientists and researchers who have contrubuted a lots to this field.Join if you enjoy mysteries.

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earthlingorgeous said...

wow I love the picture on top :)