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Friday, April 18, 2008

Ecommerce shopping cart article

One thing that keeps the internet running of course other than porn,google,wiki and social networking is online shopping.Online shopping and e commerce have become so dominant in today's economy that in countries like India there have been complaints recently that online shopping and trading had caused terrible price rise.This to an extent is true ,not that online shopping has increased the prices but the fact is that shoppers who tend to shop online are ready to spend more.
This monstrous increase in online shopping can be accounted to the rise in popularity of the shopping comparison sites.One can understand this from the simple fact that Microsoft ,Yahoo, Google etc have started their shopping comparison sites where the shoppers can enter the product of their choice to actually browse through the lists of numerous vendors and retailers who have displayed their products online. for example returns numerous products from a wide range of vendors right from the market leader to the one who has started his firm very recently.The users can compare the price,range,tax ,shipping costs etc before actually deciding the vendor.
According to Michael Lambert, CEO of MerchantAdvantage those shoppers who are directed from these shopping comparison sites tend to spend 25% more than those who visit the vendor sites directly.This can be analogized to the feel of satisfaction,security and urge to buy more with a very user friendly interfact assisting you.
Ashop Commerce a trendsetter in shopping cart software development has published a very informative article in this regard to aid the shoppers and also the dealers.
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