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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Today's Prediction

The prediction in orkut for today was "You will travel to many places"....
Travelling is one thing in life ive wanted to do..but have never done much actually.
With my father's LTS and mother's train pass ive been to places inside India like Mumbai,Bangalore,Mysore ,Hyderabad etc...Those were family trips to the homes of relatives who live there and needless to say i enjoyed every moment of those.
The four years of college life have given me numerous chances to travel.In fact travelling to various colleges for the sake of attending symposiums conducted there was tha major activity we did all these years in college.The list of colleges and the places visited are endless and each travel has a story in itself ,those moments i would cherish with the company of my dear friend Ajay

It is indeed these moments and travelling that has shaped me up from a school boy to a college boy.
There are many places I have always wanted to travel to.Venezuela and Sweden are such places I would love to go primely for being the countries with the most beautiful women.It is said so..i would rather be there to check if its true.
Apart from this my feet should land atlast once in Swiss,Russia,Cuba for obvious reasons.Would love to post about those trips in future.

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