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Sunday, April 20, 2008


India fast emerging as the medical tourism hub of the world has issued guidelines for the issual of medical visas for foreign nationalities.

“A medical category visa may be issued with the following conditions:

a. The Indian Missions/Posts abroad may scrutinize the medical documents very

carefully and satisfy themselves about the bonafide purpose for which medical

treatment visa is being requested.

b. Mission may satisfy that the applicant has sought preliminary medical advice

from his country of origin/country of residence and he has been advised to go

for specialized medical treatment.

In case the foreign national desires to go for treatment under the Indian system of

Medicines, his case may also be considered.

c. This type of visa should be granted for seeking medical attendance only in

reputed / recognized specialized hospitals/ treatment centers in the country.

Although non exhaustive, following illustrative list of ailments would be of

primary consideration; serious ailments like neuro-surgery; ophthalmic disorders;

heart related problems; reneal disorders; organ transplantations; plastic surgery;

joint replacement etc.. The basic idea would be that the mission may satisfy about

the need of the foreign national to come to India for medical treatment/ health


The M Visa is valid for a period of 1 year and subjectible to extension based on reports from local state governments or medical bodies.The dependants of the patient ,maximum two of them are also provided Mx Visas to assist the person during his stay in India.

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Chie said...

Hi. I've heard about medical tourism when I was in college. It's good that it has been approved. I thinks that's good in every aspects. =)

arvind said...

my place here called tamil nadu is fast becoming a leader in this...
numerous health cities and every now and then i see a foreign tourist in big hospitals..

*Veni* said...

heyhey i was looking up hari's blog when i came across yours.
and i can't help buy comment on your post.
its actually interesting how medical toursim has been approved.
im sure that its very helpful and it would also help boost india in every way possible...
i had no idea that such a thing actually exsisted till i saw your post.
glad to drop by.

*Veni* said...

yes i would love to blog roll you. consider it done

jccleofe said...

Hi, how are you today? I have a tag for you...hope it's fine with you if I pass it on to you...spread it to the world.thanks.

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