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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Word of the year 2007

Words are very powerful means of expressing one's feelings and sentiments.One single word can make or break relationships.Merriam Webster the best known dictionary known to man ,or atleast me...declares a list of words every year as the words of the particular year based on votes from readers.
The list of the year 2007 is as follows
1. w00t - never have I used it
2.facebook -the only word in the list i use
3.conundrum- sounds greek
4.quixotic -i know this
5.blamestorm- new i suppose
6.sardoodledom-no idea at all
7.apathetic-am pathetic
8.Pecksniffian-whos this?

Google always helps doesnt it?


earthlingorgeous said...

hahaha woot I use that it's kinda fun sound you make but since its just typing we see here we use woot! hahahaha

hypocrite is my favorite words I use against people who are just that hah and this word is not really new.

Pecksniffian no idea too.

sardoodledom I don't think it's English.

That's a fun post :)

shrill said...!!
very informative..;)