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Friday, April 11, 2008

The Best Blog Ive Ever seen

"The best things in life are unexpected",quotes the author of this blog in one of her posts.I understood that this is an absolute fact only after getting to read this blog.As a new blogger always does,I was browsing through the directories of a referral site when this very cute name 'Happiness haven' flashed across.It sounded too good.Know what ive been a person who has lived my 21 years on earth in a very happy way.Tasting successes all through and being among the best of people .Naturally I was tempted to pay a visit.

Personal blog posts attract me to read only when they have eye catching titles.This blog I should say made a deep impact in the very first visit.The best template i bet is in this blog.Though it takes time to load ,its worth the wait.Most blogs nowadays are full of whinings,anger,aggression,complaints etc....but this blog the moment u start reading the posts u get a feel that u r now in a very different world raining flowers over you.The author seems to be a very happy person in life and that has reflected in her words.Believe me ,a blog can never be better.Her words "If we want to be happy, we must learn and practice being appreciative of everyone around us" tempted me to write this post on this very refreshing masterpiece.

And one thing that keeps me glued to the page is her display picture.The selection of a display pic is an art in itself.There are times when i just keep staring at her display pic rather than reading her posts.A very cute pic with smiling eyes.

I wont flatter by saying this blog has changed my life.But I should say this has changed my outlook on life.Visit the blog and ull know what I mean.

Keep blogging my friend...there are many like me waiting for your posts.


earthlingorgeous said...

awwww arvind I feel humbled with this blog you made gosh dunno what to say.... THANK YOU would be appropriate for starters... also I am happy that you are moved by what I blog about... Thanks :)

arvind said...

thanks for ur comment and your visit... said...

u're right when you say most people dont put up happy posts, i guess it's more because most people only feel the need to blog when in distress...

Elizabeth said...

What an amazing place to sit back, enjoy yourself and relax. I am totally thrilled that I was enticed to visit. Maybe you will check out my site too? I don't think you'll be disappointed...many blessings to you!